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Poems About: FIRE

In this page, poems on / about “fire” are listed.

  • 25.
    The Cause of Enmity between Snake and Man

    Snake, the first owner of fire.
    Dog, the robber of fire.
    Man the last owner of fire.
    The snake gave birth first to fire. read more »

    David Aoloch Bion
  • 26.
    Ring Of Fire

    You may think I've lost my mind
    But I think I know a ring of fire
    So right or wrong or otherwise
    I'll draw you a ring of fire read more »

    Robert Wynn
  • 27.

    Fire burning everywhere,
    Burning like a Devil inside,
    Creating among our home,
    Destorying every little thing you owm, read more »

    Trinity Augustin
  • 28.
    The Quiet Fire

    Quite is the fire,
    Quite are the dreams,
    Quite are the passions, the laughter and the streams.
    Quite is the fire that sooths the moment. read more »

  • 29.
    fire drop

    A fire drop....a fire drop
    From the smoky sky dropped
    The city is all taken up by fire
    So much blood and many dead... read more »

    xainub nasir
  • 30.
    "The Quite Fire"

    Quite is the fire, quite is the dreams,
    quite is the passions, the laughter and the tears,
    Quite is the fire that sooths the moment.
    Quite is the fire it's like a snow bird in flight, read more »

    Margot Lindsey
  • 31.
    Once More Into the Fire

    Once more into the fire, my Lord, once more into the fire
    Another one calling to be saved, Lord, what shall I do?
    Therefore to offer help I go once more into the fire read more »

    Danny Speicher
  • 32.

    Fire in the night

    It lights the sky read more »

    Chris Grant
  • 33.
    Angel Fire

    When you hear a sound
    And see a star
    Then take your love to me
    Cause I love you read more »

    Hanko Poolman
  • 34.
    Icy Fire

    Fire lights
    Up the stars
    Fire burns
    With the slightest spark read more »

    Azalea Bluewell
  • 35.
    The Fire

    Theres a fire in us all
    That nothing can put it out
    It's heat can heal us
    Or make us die read more »

    Sally Minns
  • 36.
    Fire Fighters

    God ignites fire
    He ignites fire everywhere free
    The flames spread wild
    Planting flowers jading we. read more »

    Mehreen Mujeeb
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