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Actius Luna - Poem by Maura Herboldsheimer

Burned, she flinches far from the fire
Withdrawn in the defense?
Or is it something higher?
She says it's to get away from the cold
But of course she knows better
That story's so old

In truth, if she knew what the flame did conspire
She would turn away
Turn away from the fire
But she'll make excuses
Far-fetched as it seems
I know this because I was the girl in this scene

Changing, though that's just the nature of fire
The glint in her eyes,
Like a bird on the wire
She reaches and grabs
She wishes to take
And that's why her hands are beginning to shake.

Burned, she cries out, her wounds are so dire
Withdrawn in defeat?
Hell no, says the fire
The scores, they're not shallow
But they'll trouble no more
For she'll take the leap, the rest she'll ignore.

Entranced, they all look to her for the fire
In all that she does
Not a trait to admire
She jumps, not a look
Then she'll dance, and they'll freeze
Oh, the heat from within makes them fall to their knees

Her face, it tempts any man to desire
For her eyes are a gem
Hair the color of fire
She can't help when they burn
But she can never turn back
She'll sit and watch as their lust turns to black

Lost, and all because of this fire
She did not turn away
Though 'twas never a liar
Her hands are still shaking
Her head's on her knees
But she'll stay and suffer this near-hell in a breeze.

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