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Fear - Poem by DarkX 474

My heart is rushing

My Eyes are jumping at the pace of the beat

My body can longer pull the chains off my feet

My Chains keep pulling towards my fear

Or isn't I who is pulling fear closer

I don't what to be change and no longer walk the same. ​

My body starts to rain through my skin and eyes

Fear starts to give in into my undetermined premonitions.

I'm scared, so, so Scared

I just want to crawl into my bed and hide under the covers

Why can't I awake from this nightmare?

Someone, anybody

Pull me into your arms

And shared the hopes

I want to be free

free from having fear

Stop it fear

Let me go

Fear is a ugly, forbidden, and mind-controlling beast

Oh why did I set you free? ​

Oh why did you chain me?

Oh why do you laugh while I scream?

Oh why?

Fear run away

Go, and be forgotten

Nobody likes you

I feel inferrer to your power

Your power drags me into all these undetermined decisions

You make me imagine; I am going fall, or the guy next to me is a murder.

My heart is rushing

Oh why won't you die off like fire?

Oh fear, you just keep burning my dreams like if we're written of paper

I wish that fear never existed and maybe my dreams could come true

Oh why me fear, why me?

My heart is becoming louder and louder.

All I could hear is my heart beat go

Boom, , ba-boom, boom....

Fear is eating me, and now I am in this dark hole, a endless pit of pinch black.

My eyes are shaking and my body is raining

Why fear are you a parasite to my mind and soul?

All of sudden a voice speaks of hopes to my body and ears ​

It's the, the key to freedom from fear

The voice tells me it's going to be alright, don't worry.

My Mind starts to settle down

My heart refreshens ​

My eyes pace itself to the beauty of nature

I am free at last

Oh fear, look its the world of hope.


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