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Freedom And Love, Both Work Together As One - Poem by Michael Hopkins

Freedom and love, both work together as one. For slavery comes from fear and love comes out of freedom from that slavery.

Most of your world's population lives within the realm of fear, enslaved to images that frighten and persuade one to betray oneself and their fellow Man.

One of love comes along and there is a collective effort to derail or destroy the good works left behind.

Love is viewed with suspicion and doubt. Love is seen as a weakness since it lies outside the realm of fear.

Fear is encouraged and rewarded while at the same time is love punished by those of fear who fear a break in the chains of bondage and a lack of control.

Those of love are few in your world, but a longing occurs that increases their numbers until the day when those of fear will be the minority and those of love will rule upon the throne of the heart again.

Yes, the throne of the heart. The seat of both Earthly and Divine power. The place of balance, of great strength and power to be used for the betterment and freedom of Mankind.

Freedom comes from a heart used wisely.

Freedom comes when the heart is used wisely in balance with the good and positive energies of both Heaven and Earth joined together as one in love with all Mankind as well as all other living things.

Yes, love grows out of freedom as freedom grows out of love expressed out into the world of Man.

Love and be at peace with yourself and with all others.

Give and take freely and love will make it's home within your heart.

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