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Poems About: FATHERS

In this page, poems on / about “fathers” are listed.

  • 73.
    Male parental hierarchy.

    My parents are two, grandparents four
    And great grandparents, eight and so on.

    I am known by my father, his father, read more »

    Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  • 74.
    O Father

    Thus, upon the ground did my body walk
    and across the lands did it roam and talk
    but O father of my tearing eyes tell me now
    what happened to the earth and my old folk read more »

    Taher Shemaly
  • 75.
    Father And Son

    Let me tell you all, a story
    of father and son
    who lived happily
    before the conflicts begun read more »

    Arti Honrao
  • 76.
    Father You, I And He

    Yesterday, Today, Tummorrow
    Was There I'll be here He'll be there

    You gave me life, Life today I give, Tummorrow he'll be there. read more »

    sunny Munera Managan
  • 77.
    Chidren Of Abraham

    Our Father is the father of all fathers.
    Our Father is Abraham’s Father.
    Our Father is John’s Father.
    Our Father is Joseph’s Father. read more »

    raff rafael
  • 78.
    Father And Daughter

    Father and daughter spend some quiet time together in the living room
    Shining through the curtain is the sun
    And outside is the glorious afternoon read more »

    Justin Gildow
  • 79.
    Anticipating his father

    Anticipating the wants of his father
    If a son has done something he is first class
    Receiving the orders of the father
    If a son has done something he is second class read more »

    gajanan mishra
  • 80.
    My Father, My Hero

    Dear world
    On this planet lies my father
    The one who loves me
    The one who cares for me read more »

    Amanda Huddleston
  • 81.
    Just For Fathers!

    To all the fathers out there
    Just these few words I’ll share
    So you’ll know that I do care
    That whilst I’m still here read more »

    Clarence Prince
  • 82.
    Father In Heaven

    Father in heaven,
    Here I am
    Ready to listen to your voice
    To heed to your instructions read more »

    Ray Nyumu
  • 83.
    Fathers hands

    Born in her mothers whomb,
    held so gently in fathers arms,
    such grace and ease as a young third born child looks
    up at the father with wide eyes and amazement, read more »

    Melissa Hatch
  • 84.

    I had a father,
    Honest, strong principle,
    I had a father,
    Though not invincible, read more »

    Philo Yan
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