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Poems About: FATHERS

In this page, poems on / about “fathers” are listed.

  • 253.
    She is the evidence of a drunk fathers rage

    She is the evidence of a drunk fathers rage, with her abusive father she waits for sign of relief, bruises lie on her body, her tears drip and dropp on the floor, the time ticks and tocks for never ending pain,

    is this an illusion or destruction, how could he destroy her future with so much dedication, she is just a girl with primary education. read more »

    luvuyo gqamane
  • 254.
    Heart, or Father?

    Feel with the heart that is my own
    or think with the mind of my Father? read more »

    Kami Haha
  • 255.

    I lost my heart, HE lost his mind
    I am nonpareil, oft known as a fair maiden
    Perchance HE has gaze on another wench
    Perchance I have no gaze at all read more »

    Sand Mascarenhas
  • 256.
    (001) Father God

    Father we leave year 2007 and walk through the gate of 2008
    Father God, I thank you for all the years you have given me.
    For allowing me to live with love, trust and prosperity.
    Oh Father I travelled through darkness back into the light. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 257.
    Underneath Are The Everlasting Arms

    Father into your hands I place
    the things I cannot do.
    Father into your hands I give
    what Irene's going through. read more »

    Royston Allen
  • 258.
    Hello Father

    The year is 1979.
    Hello father
    I am your son
    You and mom have a wonderful chance read more »

    C.R. Blazo
  • 259.
    Elegy to my Lost Father

    When I look the sky at night
    Many constellations at my sight
    I still remember my father
    Who is now very farther read more »

    jee boy pasayon
  • 260.
    The Art Of Playing Dominoes

    I played dominoes with my grandson
    His last year I played dominoes with my father
    My grandsons dominoes had animals on their faces
    My father’s were the traditional kind read more »

    peter rodenby
  • 261.
    run for life

    They told me: they're gonna make it good
    Hang on, there is a chance
    Seeing it gone
    They ran for life, and got screwed, in the end read more »

    Aiman Saleem
  • 262.
    There was no other way

    Take it away Father, Take it away
    Remove this dreadful cup from Me I pray.
    Is there another way, some other way?
    Please don't let me go there, Father I pray. read more »

    Royston Allen
  • 263.
    O' father

    O’ father

    O’ father of creation and existence,
    The knower of men and each sense, read more »

    Onalethuso Petruss Ntema
  • 264.
    I am My Father's Heart

    I am he who is thy father

    I am my fathers heart read more »

    Obinna Nwerem
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