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Poems About: FATHERS

In this page, poems on / about “fathers” are listed.

  • 241.
    Every Blessing

    All that I want,
    Is within my reach.
    All that there is to satisfy.
    And... read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 242.
    She is the evidence of a drunk fathers rage

    She is the evidence of a drunk fathers rage, with her abusive father she waits for sign of relief, bruises lie on her body, her tears drip and dropp on the floor, the time ticks and tocks for never ending pain,

    is this an illusion or destruction, how could he destroy her future with so much dedication, she is just a girl with primary education. read more »

    luvuyo gqamane
  • 243.

    Father xmas
    Will be working all night today
    So that he can deliver all the christmas presents on time
    To the children and their families read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 244.

    I dreamt of my father last night
    with an indifferent boy to his height
    out from a hazy meadow into my sight read more »

    Dr Ronnie Bai
  • 245.
    Happy Father's Day

    Hey father, thanks and I love you
    You taught me well and now I am in the path of becoming a man
    In the journey of life I will surely use you advices
    In the darkness of knowledge I will bring illumination read more »

    Gregory PierreJerome
  • 246.
    Hello Father

    The year is 1979.
    Hello father
    I am your son
    You and mom have a wonderful chance read more »

    C.R. Blazo
  • 247.
    Elegy to my Lost Father

    When I look the sky at night
    Many constellations at my sight
    I still remember my father
    Who is now very farther read more »

    jee boy pasayon
  • 248.
    Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

    Men of Honor, Women of Virtue

    March 2,2012 - 5: 47AM read more »

    Julius Odunusi
  • 249.

    I lost my heart, HE lost his mind
    I am nonpareil, oft known as a fair maiden
    Perchance HE has gaze on another wench
    Perchance I have no gaze at all read more »

    Sand Mascarenhas
  • 250.
    The Art Of Playing Dominoes

    I played dominoes with my grandson
    His last year I played dominoes with my father
    My grandsons dominoes had animals on their faces
    My father’s were the traditional kind read more »

    peter rodenby
  • 251.
    A story about a daughter who married distance

    When a daughter marries
    a distant place
    his father will be sad
    knowing that read more »

  • 252.
    I Trust You Father

    I trust you father to provide
    a path for me to walk, ...
    and wisdom to ignore the fools, ...
    let them laugh and let them talk read more »

    Steven Taylor
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