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His Wealth - Poem by MAGNUS AMUDI

He was renowned for farming
Ploughing lands as large as Atlantic
His harvests he keeps beyond the sea
Beyond the sea, all he got

Down here, his roof leaks
His town roads untarred
They make use of his wealth
To paint their town more white

He thinks his wealth is safe
The value they use
Promising him security and secrecy
To shut their mouth from his people

His pots occupied
By cockroach and rats
His wife had abandoned as
His children grow everyday
Developing big belly and head

He goes back to use ibeleju as lamp
He claims to be rich
His children goes fishing to pay their fees
The school fees he has refused to pay

They built a school for their wards
Yet beg them to look inside papers
Nobody pays a penny
Those are the people beyond the sea

His wealth is intact
But had been used
Times without number for their annual budget
They beyond the seas

Worms leak his intestine
And his offspring from six to two
He took their looks to the people
The people beyond the sea

They gave him a name 'Malaria'
Malaria took them all
Contented he came
Caring no less for his kwashiorkor wards

His bicycle like buried iron
Yet he appears before his kinsmen
To speak in language that tingles
They smirk at him

Though the gods let him live
His exploits and wealth
Managed and utilized by the people
The people beyond the sea

He claims learned
While they have, brain washed him
He trusted them
And left our heritage

The gods forbid
Our black heritage
That our fathers died to protect
Like our brotherly love

Our heritage
That forbade greed
He forgot our maxim
That of Unison

Him that our fathers gave the 'Ofor'
The Ofor that represents power
Power to protect our interest
Our black interest

The gods bear us witness
Witness of our unquenched suffering
Starving in front of plenty
Plenty at the so-called bank

Banks beyond the sea banks
The name for their civilised theft
Theft because they use the value
The value of our wealth
To reinforce themselves

The Ofor has fallen
From his hands
The gods has departed from him
Though he will not believe

Our chambers now lagoons
Lagoons from the light showers
Our tables now canoes
And soup spoons paddle

Mosquitoes now our pets
Nursing our children
Our working age amended
Starting from six to sleep

Our heads now bald
Not from age
But from visitor
A visitor called poverty

Our children dancing
Dancing at the sight of lighted bulbs
Like when the eclipse occurred
Their hope dashed again

But his wealth is intact
For his greatest grand children
Children that is equal
More equal than the others do

Our mouths now salivates
On seeing mere nuts
Like dogs for bones
Bones of our lost sons

Sons last seen on April
April of the pools
Pools of ballots
Ballots of NEC

Our stomach now speak
Speak like the dogs
Dogs that came beyond the sea
But they have learnt
Learnt to look
Look since their demands were not meet

Our youths now play in moonlight
Play games in the sand
Games out of frustration
Frustration due to lack of job

Our graduates now employed
Employed in barrow pushing company plc
With first class honours
Obtained from war front

Our universities now battle fields
Our wards soldiers
Only to come home
With paper to prove it

All their hopes in it
In the designed paper
Paper that cannot feed
Even the fetus in the womb

They made him believe them
Them that are beyond the sea
That his wealth is safe
However, they beautify their land with it

He knew not that the value of
His wealth is used
Used to tare their roads
Used to build schools
Used to build hospitals
Used to make things better
Used to empower their people
Used to make them what they claim
Those beyond the sea

Though his wealth are safe
It have generated hundred times
To say the least, its worth

The cock that crew
The dogs that bark
The cricket that creaks
The youths that riots
The children that cries

All are saying in Unison
Wake up and behave
Like a black thou are
For our blood flows in you

Let them know that we have an origin
Our origin so strong
Our strength so wisely use
Our wisdom cannot be deceive

Wake up and take from them
The wealth they took from us
Wake up and surprise them
And make our homes the dream land

The dreamland of our fathers
Those that fought until sleep came
And those that still wait for sleep to emerge

Wake up and let them know
That our wealth we can manage
To make our homes Eden
The Eden our fathers lived in

For our tribes are strong
As strong as the lion
The lion across the equator
Our home the heart of Africa

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