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Poems About: FATHER

In this page, poems on / about “father” are listed.

  • 229.
    (604) Save Them Father

    Father you are always on my mind, I love you Father and trust
    in you with all my heart. I have no questions for your decisions,
    my faith is strong and true. read more »

    Melvina Germain
  • 230.
    Who Is A Father?

    What is a father or better yet who?
    Who is a father? What does he do?
    Is he a man with a spouse? Does he live in your house?
    Does he get up early and stay up late? read more »

    Sabrina Robinson
  • 231.
    My Father-in-Law and I

    MY father-in-law is a careworn man,
    And a silent man is he;
    But he summons a smile as well as he can
    Whenever he meets with me. read more »

    Henry Lawson
  • 232.
    A Father's Love

    Is a Warm Embrace,
    Or a Quick Hug
    A Glowing Smile, and Your Wit and Wisdom... read more »

    Carmen Strawn
  • 233.
    Fathers Day Poem (...a day late...)

    Father’s Day Poem

    My children are old enough
    to know it is Father Day read more »

    Oscar Mireles
  • 234.
    My Inlaws

    The mother of my mother,
    The father of my father,
    Those that did not bother,
    To accept my only lover, read more »

    umoh cyril
  • 235.
    Father Time

    Father time, oh father time,
    what memories are held in your bosom
    And warm moments locked in your core?
    Those memoirs of bliss so stowed away read more »

    Dan Medina
  • 236.
    Not all Fathers will get a chance to celebrate Father's Day

    Not all fathers will get a chance to celebrate Father's Day.
    Some are too quick to run while others are quicker to stay.
    Some are prone to neglect while others can't help but care.
    Some are always absent while others find ways to be there. read more »

    Elena Plotkin
  • 237.
    The good father

    This is the one who can not eat if his children do not eat
    This is the who wear unexpensive clothes while his children wear expensive ones
    This the one who sacrifice his problems for his children
    This is the one who works every day for his children read more »

    Franklin Spetuxolo Lateta
  • 238.
    He...a insentient.

    He is a father,
    Walking door to door,
    Running here and there,
    Begging the sympathy, read more »

    kafil uddin raihan.
  • 239.
    Forbidden fruit

    Every hope is a delusion until transformed into a reality
    Where you are today and where you will be tomorrow will never matter
    Only where you were yesterday and where you are today is a matter of honour
    For the latter question is pregnant with the former when even a friend is a stranger today, read more »

    Abhay Vignesh Liginlal
  • 240.
    (001) Father God

    Father we leave year 2007 and walk through the gate of 2008
    Father God, I thank you for all the years you have given me.
    For allowing me to live with love, trust and prosperity.
    Oh Father I travelled through darkness back into the light. read more »

    Melvina Germain
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