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Treeaddicted - Poem by Charles Hice


The Surgeon made a house call to the tree housed near the Golf coarse was the bark and dry to the touch of the famous tree doctor Guss. Well the neighbor hood watch complained again he cant see the clock the one they call Big Bend, your leaves and your trunk are hanging over you are addicted again. Sap. My professional opinion is pinion sap is blocking your membrains you need a new rapp your talk is all wrong you are slurring again you seem now to be an addicted tree friend listen to eye overcame the same problem now eye am Doctoring treating the addicts like yew wont you listen and at least admit that you have a real problem dont deny it come clean now admit it dont live in your denial. The sad tree became mad now the Doctor had to step a little to the left to avoid the sap spittle from the beard of this giant Oaken Elm. Eye am the greatest tree that ever lived he began to deny it. Eye have no sap problem in fact no problem of any kind let the watch man step a little to the left of the incline then he can see the clock called the Big Bend let them eat cake let them opine let them dine and the Tree Surgeon just walked away letting the Oaken Elm tree relate to the sidewalk was trying to slink down away from the terrible fate of this tree full of sap let the minions relate to this fate stop hangging all over every time you go on a tree date with sap running down the large doubled chin marring the outfit makeing men grin look at the easy lay look at the drunken old sot full of pot full of want. Your barking and your bite in the night get you in trouble all sorts of odd fellowes will call. Cry Wolf let them harm all the other trees now. Get sober stop using the sap. Get a clean outfit get a new thinking capp.

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