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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 337.
    Dreams of Success

    You make me feel like I can do anything,
    Theres no barriers when I'm with you,
    Theres no limits to what I can acheive. read more »

    Poetry Guy
  • 338.
    Wander this World

    I believe in fate
    of such a mocking force
    an invisible game show
    to decide our course read more »

    Jazzy Davies
  • 339.

    Oh fate,
    Raise not thy raucous voice
    To fill mine ears
    With sounds of strife; read more »

    Arthur Richards
  • 340.
    Shut Up in the Dark

    All my life, I never knew
    The world was to be savored,
    So older and taller I grew,
    And this world was never favored. read more »

    Deborah Lynn Janik
  • 341.
    This is no dream For MY Lady

    I thought that love was not for me.
    Accepted philosophically,
    I was too old to find new love
    But fate decide it would prove read more »

    ivor or ivor.e hogg
  • 342.
    Love Scourned

    In the eyes of the young,
    Love is written so true
    As time and experience scourned,
    Love becomes a virtue read more »

    Micah Thompson
  • 343.
    I Have It

    I always wondered why so many weird things happen in the world.Is it fate, or Magick.This isnt one of my better poems goes

    Some call it Magick
    The things I see read more »

    damien kai
  • 344.

    As the morning sun rise my stomach floats with butterflies
    Just the thought of you gives me the shivers
    Should I talk to you
    Oh, I'll never read more »

    Melissa Haynes
  • 345.
    Songs...The Angels Sing

    Wondering why they ever met
    Was it chance or fate
    Doubts and fears..should they not
    The circumstance...contemplate read more »

    James B. Earley
  • 346.

    moment of consummation
    moment of accomplishment
    moment of achievement
    all rode on the shoulders read more »

    shimon weinroth
  • 347.
    Randall Jarrell

    This poet who could write
    with voice of child, drawn
    from eyes whose spark
    had never dimmed read more »

    Max Reif
  • 348.

    There stood a poor little deer
    Surrounded by a pack of wolves
    Trying hard to escape
    But failed each time. read more »

    Reshma Dream Is Never A Crime................
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