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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 337.

    Sitting in this dark room
    My fears come to life

    Me being alone read more »

    Alexander Hale
  • 338.

    I wish their death,
    Those who cause suffering
    This is my fate,
    No my duty read more »

    Nicholas Lewis
  • 339.
    fate's flow

    held trapped in Fate's maze
    running, running, trying to
    but that is all part of read more »

    Cain XXX
  • 340.

    Tender palm
    Upon thy palm
    Fate upon
    Another fate. read more »

    Josh Alfred
  • 341.

    Why must you still visit me in my dreams
    I know its not her doing but there she gleams
    Raised up, I miss her so much
    Alone, craving her warm touch read more »

    Izik Alcox
  • 342.
    Love Or Hate? ! ? !

    is this love or hate
    that you pretend to know
    her heart wrapped up in fate
    his ready to let go? read more »

    Jessica Henning
  • 343.

    horrified from fear
    whispered voices in your ear
    cold and lonsome you stand and wait
    for your long and painful fate read more »

    Carrie Sprouse
  • 344.
    The Role Of Faith

    Fate plays its role
    For each soul
    And then quietly tie
    Without telling why read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 345.
    my fate

    One more time i will try tonight
    With shots of courage in my vein
    To write my fate in burning light
    To decide the end of this everlasting pain read more »

    Dani smitley
  • 346.
    Is Love for Me (part 2)

    Here I stand, finding myself alone again
    I’m a fool, to think I couldn’t lose

    Now the count is eight read more »

    Kovan White
  • 347.
    A Writer Of Fate

    I sit and ponder about this life,
    The way it twists and turns
    How can I, but one small speck
    Leave my mark in this fickle world? read more »

    Sara Turner
  • 348.
    The power of a great

    The power of a great is decided by fate

    Artificial greatness is pointless
    The difference is glaringly clear read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
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