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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 325.

    Fate Accompli

    the old man of seventy five read more »

    Rajkumar Mukherjee
  • 326.
    Mr Spider

    We are comrades in the strugle you and I
    Trapped dangling helplessly in the air
    Twisting protectively in the evening breeze
    Destined to live life in a captive fear read more »

    Adrian Murphy
  • 327.
    * Livin' witHin a lOve stOry

    Stories been told for a lOve so true
    Exemplary vows of faithfulness without making it blue,
    Fascinating feeling in desperate passion
    Deploying plans as if destined soulmates with full compassion. read more »

    Inner Whispers
  • 328.
    Fate of Love

    you can save love as secret
    though you avoid and hide
    love only has two fate
    it grows or it dies read more »

    maria sudibyo
  • 329.
    The Master

    I have loved to hate
    I have hated to love
    I laughed to tears
    I cried of laughter read more »

    Jonnathan Burns
  • 330.

    haven't we met? were the first words you said
    That I look so familiar to you's what you claim
    But I've never seen you and we certainly haven't met
    So you begged me to indulge you to spare you from shame read more »

    Matthew Edan Oliver Palma
  • 331.

    in a crooked life were times undone
    and poeple do not know
    she rises from her sunken grave
    with eyes of sunken grey read more »

    sabrina burton
  • 332.

    Sometimes fate gives us a hand to play.
    It might not be the hand
    we were looking for,
    but we play it just the same read more »

    David Harris
  • 333.

    Like a glove,
    Around my heart,
    Till death do us part, read more »

    Jodie Louise Pollock
  • 334.

    It can't be accidental
    It must have been fate
    If it was accidental
    Then it's just a big mistake read more »

    Sonya Florentino
  • 335.

    Life is like a road
    You have ups and downs
    When you have ups your happy
    When you have downs your sad read more »

    michael thomas
  • 336.
    Glass Shards

    Fate can be both cruel and mean
    Sometimes there is no between
    No middle ground on which to dwell
    Little understanding as far as I can tell read more »

    Gordon D Wilkinson
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