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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 13.

    Life is a Game
    Fate is an Umpire
    You are a Player
    In your Play Fate is not a True Umpire read more »

    Narendra Kuppan
  • 14.

    When life began, was our fate already written?
    When i was young, why was i never bothered?
    So thoughtless to even worry about what my fate is
    I was blithe about anything that was around me read more »

    Imti Longchar
  • 15.
    The Fates

    The Lady`s Three, The Fates
    Daughters of fair Goddess Night
    Three aspects of the moon in flight
    The Moerae, phases of thy lunar dates read more »

    Steve Trimmer
  • 16.

    I often hear
    Why should I exercise?
    why not leave
    My health to fate read more »

    Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar
  • 17.

    I am scared of my fate
    Going at this fast paste
    Not knowing what to expect
    So much tragic incidents I met read more »

    Jemima Rivas
  • 18.
    Life Keeps On Revolving Around Fate

    We came
    To this world
    Because of Fate
    We all think of fate read more »

    Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar
  • 19.

    Divine`s shape is the fate
    hell`s wisdom is the fate
    and your success to dwell is the fate
    and worthless to become rich is the fate read more »

    lily peace lago every by to ph
  • 20.

    the fate of all is to crumble and fall
    into nothingness the dark void
    this the fate of all life
    and that fate is read more »

    ryu kashin
  • 21.

    Fate can be cruel.
    Fate can be relentless.
    Fate can rip and tear us apart.
    When fate is like that, depend on your friends and family. read more »

    Jeremiah Wimbrough
  • 22.
    Fate and Destiny

    Fate and Destiny

    Who can tell us what Fate and Destiny are?
    Who can tell us what our Fate is? read more »

    Robert Grimes
  • 23.
    Fates And Forever

    When time moves on
    People grow up
    People grow older
    Fate becomes read more »

    I Am Here
  • 24.
    Gambling with Fate

    will you take a seat
    to gamble with fate
    will you try your luck
    to gamble with fate read more »

    Brandon Brooks
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