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Poems About: FATE

In this page, poems on / about “fate” are listed.

  • 109.

    They dig up the ashes
    Form the depths of her psyche
    Un perished remains her fate
    Embalmed in the culture of read more »

    Hashmina Habeeb
  • 110.
    A dying fate

    Don't stitch me
    To this dying fate
    Whom wasn't for I
    Cut the strings read more »

    Ozzy Gerner
  • 111.
    Destiny sans arrival date

    A fishing hook missing the bait,
    Destiny sans arrival date,
    Fortune welcomed with a closed gate,
    A flower blooming far too late, read more »

    Aniruddha Pathak
  • 112.
    Where oh where has my baby gone

    Where is he
    I thought we were going to be married
    And he would carry me away
    What a beautiful thought, a lovely Wedding Day read more »

    kathryn madonna
  • 113.

    read more »

    lily peace lago every by to ph
  • 114.
    Fighting Fate

    I have gone through
    This life of mine
    Trying and trying
    To fight my own fate. read more »

    Dark Guardian
  • 115.
    A Critical Span

    Life is guided by fate
    Fate is guided by her talk
    Fate can wait for her
    She has the divine gift read more »

    abhimanyu kumar.s
  • 116.
    The fate of hate is hate

    The fate of hate is hate
    Hate was his way of life
    Humanity he did not like
    Killed thousands read more »

    Dr.Rajendra Tela,Nirantar
  • 117.

    He lives a life of empty lies
    He never cares, he never dies
    For fate is fickle, Fate is cruel
    And he'll kick you like a stubborn mule read more »

    Cody O'Hara
  • 118.
    Fate; not the only thing to depend upon

    All we have some desires
    Some wishes and ambitions of our own
    But when it cannot be achieved
    We say, we are unlucky read more »

    Z.I. Mahmud
  • 119.
    The Heart determines

    Fate determines who comes into our lives.
    The heart determines who stays...

    Rate determines what comes best read more »

    Umasree Raghunath
  • 120.
    Cruel Fate

    It is a cruel fate
    To give one's heart
    Most earnestly
    And to be forgotten read more »

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