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Poems About: FAREWELL

In this page, poems on / about “farewell” are listed.
  • 1.
    Ballad IV

    Farewell, my lady dear and dread,
    Farewell, of all sovereign and queen,
    Farewell, perfect and sacred head, read more »

    Christine de Pizan
  • 2.
    Farewell To A Tree

    Dear coconut tree
    don't be sad
    my new building
    just can't co-exist read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 3.
    Farewell my friend

    I could easily foretell
    You had something to tell
    As you dropped a stinking bombshell read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 4.

    Can I see thee stand
    On the looming land?
    Dost thou wave with thy white hand
    Farewell, farewell? read more »

    Sydney Thompson Dobell
  • 5.
    Our Final Farewell

    To say our final farewell it happend not that long ago.
    Our final farewell, I remember it so clearly.
    Our final farewell, I remember your smile.
    Our final farewell, I remember how proud you were read more »

    Nikki Hamilton
  • 6.
    Goodbye, Farewell

    Farewell is beautiful
    A glimpse into the future
    Farewell is wonderful
    It sets for Adventure read more »

    Kolabomi Adeko
  • 7.

    A nice farewell for those in hunt
    the nice farewell for those they seek
    a nice farewell for those who love
    the nice farewell for those who zoom! read more »

    black black
  • 8.
    The Train

    Connecting cross-section of people,
    Connecting places,
    Melancholic farewells, rapturous unions
    With deep sigh it brings. read more »

    vinodkumar kizhakeveetil
  • 9.

    I say farewell
    To all my bad days
    I say farewell
    To my lost love read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 10.

    Farewell is a word,
    So simple, so dour
    Saying what started
    but did not endure. read more »

    Peter Rhodes
  • 11.
    GoodBye To A FareWell Friend

    Goodbye to a farewell friend

    Goodbye to a farewell friend,
    I thought you would never stab me in my heart, read more »

    Nicole Edwards
  • 12.

    Farewell to the
    piece that never
    farewell to true words read more »

    Goodnews mememugh Karibo
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