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Poems About: FAMILY

In this page, poems on / about “family” are listed.

  • 349.
    Go Ahead Let Them Walk in My Shoes

    why do I hold these emotions within me
    it is time to set them free
    for every word you yell at me
    I hold my anger in read more »

    Scarlet .....
  • 350.

    I give you my problem
    You have gave me hope
    You showed me the way
    The way to her heart read more »

    anthony creelman
  • 351.
    This Family

    The picture you paint
    Is so wonderfully great
    Don’t dare look in a mirror you’d faint
    This family’s the furthest thing from great read more »

    LaTisha Parkinson
  • 352.
    No Place Like Home

    I am going to run away
    I can't stand the place where I am living now
    They say there is no place like home
    But what happens (what happens) read more »

    Brianna King
  • 353.
    Family Photos

    I love my family photos
    Such a simple treasure to me
    So many wonderful people
    That are part of my history read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 354.

    My friend
    Arranged my
    Friend mother read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 355.
    My Mother

    Mother, mother what shall I do?
    You taught me things old and new
    I have a family of my own to raise
    Learning about kids, I'm truly amazed read more »

    Louise Davis
  • 356.
    Family Picture?

    What is a family picture?
    Is it all for real?
    Are the people that you see
    pretending they don't feel? read more »

    Mary Nagy
  • 357.
    All the Other Families

    Mother and father
    I’ve known the lies you’ve been saying to me
    I’m ready for the future
    So do your act read more »

    Aaron Banen
  • 358.
    More McCornack Family Memories

    Looking through old photos
    Of family members from the past
    Sure do bring back memories
    That will forever and ever last read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 359.

    Do you know about me.
    i live inside you braking you down,
    keeping you from your family, making you feel like you are worthless
    making you feel like life is not worth living. read more »

    darlene adams
  • 360.
    you don't take things for granted, others do

    you dont take things for granted
    others do
    -Melc read more »

    Mel Reyes
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