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Poems About: FAMILY

In this page, poems on / about “family” are listed.

  • 229.
    Special Times

    It is not an ordinary day,
    But a special time to remember.
    My family will come join together,
    To celebrate and rejoice. read more »

    Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra
  • 230.

    Family can be difficult,
    sometimes even hard...
    Either way you always get,
    a birthday card. read more »

    Sissy Nixon
  • 231.
    Gaurdian Angel

    You are the guardian angel of the family
    The shepherd of hope
    You strung us together and tied it with rope
    The gleam and joy in your eyes read more »

    robert snively
  • 232.

    Everybodys lucky
    Lucky to have a family
    Weather you like it or not
    No matter how you came into the family read more »

    Rachael Wai Ai Ching
  • 233.

    A home is a place where family is their,
    where your always loved, and cared,
    Where you never feel out of place,
    And your never scared, read more »

    Brandie .....
  • 234.

    Every human no matter how strong you are
    Needs Family even if you have the craziest
    Family every they will always be there no matter what
    Family is like love God made them for a reason read more »

    Yulissa Fregoso
  • 235.

    Christmas the best time of the year
    when you get to be with family and share the birth of jesus christ
    the time when you get to see the joy on peoples faces
    when they open thier presents read more »

    alice litchfield
  • 236.
    mother and daughter

    read more »

    sheilisa brown
  • 237.
    It’s My Life

    He couldn’t eat without help and urinated
    -in a diaper
    He learned to walk and ate anything he got
    -his hands on read more »

    Kole Rolsten
  • 238.
    Family Gatherings

    Meeting at my Grandma's house at noon
    Its the same thing everytime
    Kids get in line to eat before anyone else
    the kids sit at a separate table than the adults read more »

    Jacob Wortman
  • 239.

    she feels that i must
    have a family to trust
    but she doesnt know blood
    means as much to me as mud read more »

    Matt Kephart
  • 240.
    Child’s Prayer

    Lord, make my day happy and gay
    Send your blessings wherever I maybe
    Protect me every moment of the day
    Let me share your blessings to everyone I see read more »

    Edgar Rendon Eslit
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