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Always (Trust And Faith) - Poem by Michael P. McParland

I will always love you dear
and stay true standing by your side
hand in hand through all time.
Have trust in me that I will work
and strive to give my best and never let you down.
Have faith in me that I'll always fight for
and defend my lady in every way there is.
i won't let anyone or anything harm
or hurt you in any way sweet one.
I swear to you on my life,
and if anyone ever did they would pay a price so truly high.

Always have trust and faith in me
that I will not betray you dear leaving
you all alone feeling completely broken in the cold.
Trust me that I could never hurt you
in that way and continue living with myself.
Have faith in that because I truly love you
deeply and so very very much.
I would never hurt you my sweet one
because to see you wounded and in tears
breaks my heart knowing you're in pain
and I'll always do my best to take it all away.

Always know that you can trust me to be there for you,
to pick you up if you fall down and need help,
to hold you close and speak loving words if you feel down.
Just have faith that I'll always be there for my Queen,
to show you how great you truly are and how
deep my loving admiration and true care really go.
Just to have a happy life with my only one.
Please have faith and trust that I'll always
give my very best at all times to never let you down
and make you truly proud.

Please just have faith and trust in what
you know I feel through my entire heart, mind,
body, and very soul.
Have faith and trust that I would do anything
for you including give my life just to save yours.
Feel the truth in the loving warmth I send to you
and have faith that your man Michael
is dedicated to Kira his sweet Angel dove
and gives you always my full support.
I love you dear and you can have complete faith in that,
trust me Kira that I'll show it's great abundance everyday
through all time and eternity.

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