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  • 37.
    The Rat Of Faith

    A blue jay poses on a stake
    meant to support an apple tree
    newly planted. A strong wind
    on this clear cold morning
    barely ruffles his tail feathers.
    When he turns his attention
    toward me, I face his eyes
    without blinking. A week ago
    my wife called me to come see
    this same bird chase a rat
    into the thick leaves
    of an orange tree. We came as
    close as we could and watched
    the rat dig his way into an orange,
    claws working meticulously.
    Then he feasted, face deep
    into the meal, and afterwards
    washed himself in juice, paws
    scrubbing soberly. Surprised
    by the whiteness of the belly,
    how open it was and vulnerable,
    I suggested I fetch my .22.
    She said, "Do you want to kill him?"
    I didn't. There are oranges
    enough for him, the jays, and us,
    across the fence in the yard
    next door oranges rotting
    on the ground. There is power
    in the name rat, a horror
    that may be private. When I
    was a boy and heir to tales
    of savagery, of sleeping men
    and kids eaten half away before
    they could wake, I came to know
    that horror. I was afraid
    that left alive the animal
    would invade my sleep, grown
    immense now and powerful
    with the need to eat flesh.
    I was wrong. Night after night
    I wake from dreams of a city
    like no other, the bright city
    of beauty I thought I'd lost
    when I lost my faith that one day
    we would come into our lives.
    The wind gusts and calms
    shaking this miniature budding
    apple tree that in three months
    has taken to the hard clay
    of our front yard. In one hop
    the jay turns his back on me,
    dips as though about to drink
    the air itself, and flies. read more »

  • 38.
    'Faithful to the end' Amended

    'Faithful to the end' Amended
    From the Heavenly Clause -
    Constancy with a Proviso read more »

  • 39.
    To mend each tattered Faith

    To mend each tattered Faith
    There is a needle fair
    Though no appearance indicate read more »

  • 40.
    Peace is a fiction of our Faith


    Peace is a fiction of our Faith—
    The Bells a Winter Night read more »

  • 41.

    If I could feel my hand, dear Lord, in Thine,
    And surely know
    That I was walking in the light divine read more »

  • 42.
    Parable Of Faith

    Now, in twilight, on the palace steps
    the king asks forgiveness of his lady.

    He is not read more »

  • 43.

    1. FAITH

    “I’ve been having these
    awful dreams, each a little different, read more »

  • 44.
    We Walk in Faith

    A momentary blip,
    a bump on the road of life
    hit us again today, as it has read more »

  • 45.
    On Faith

    How do people stay true to each other?
    When I think of my parents all those years
    in the unmade bed of their marriage, not ever read more »

  • 46.
    Her Faith

    Like a second layer of skin is her faith
    right out there, the outer edge of her
    exuding from her pores, from her being read more »

  • 47.

    Feeling a closeness to the Creator
    Anticipating the good news
    In all things, believing in the unseen read more »

  • 48.
    An Act of Faith

    I stood before the congregation
    knowing the financial crunch
    the hard work, done by so many read more »

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