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From Hopelessness To Hope By: Cay Thorne - Poem by Cay Thorne

Some people have a lot of hope
Some have a little hope in their lives
Some have just a good moment of hope to live on
Some just don’t believe in hope

In war there is hope
Hope for peace and love between everyone
Peace for all weapons of man to be destroyed
Which starts wars and hatred

Hope equals opportunities
Opportunities that starts with courage
Courage that begins with self esteem
Self esteem that begins with confidence

Confidence in self begins with hope
Hope begins with self love
Love begins with self confidence
Self confidence that begins with kindness

Kindness is a key to love
Love is hope within your life
Life without love is hopeless
No matter the size or quality
Of love given and received

Life with self doubt
Is an unhealthy life
A life full of hopelessness
A hopelessness that can destroy

A disaster that can end a perfect strong life
Full of love faith and hope
A life which isn’t full of demons and fears
Demons and fears that eat;
That eats at your very soul
Like an inoperable cancer

A soul which can be purer;
Purer by faith and love
That leads to self confidence

Within which leads to high self esteem
A self esteem that equals God’s
God’s never ending faith and love for you

God’s belief in you is worthy;
Worthy of total happiness and love
Happiness which destroys hatred
Hatred that can cause self destruction

Destruction on all levels of self
Only way to conquer self destruction
Is by having love, peace and faith in yourself

Faith in your self to change no matter the size
Peace to guard you through hard times
Love is a beacon of God’s belief and trust in you
Kindness that destroys all self-hopelessness.

A hopeless world can cause war
War causes death of self belief within yourself

The only way to cure
This unwanted monster
On hopelessness is yourself
Is to believe in love, faith and peace
And in a major thing within God
Which we find peace, faith, love and hope
For all mankind, animals and everything on Earth

Hope from God kills hopelessness
Its up to us with God’s help
To destroy our own hopelessness
In every single aspect of ourselves.

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