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Kingdom Of Make-Believe - Poem by Margaret Alice

Read my book at work: “The Ordinary Princess”
by M.M. Kaye – the best combination of fairy tales
“The Ugly Duckling” and “Cinderella”- that’s
ever been – or ever will be

Six princesses were born as beautiful as the sun,
golden hair, cornflower-eyes, a rosy complexion;
a seventh princess was born and was expected to
have the same beauty – sevenfold

But an old fairy, Crustacea, invited to her christening
promptly declared the princess would be ordinary –
as she grew up, her many gifts – Wit, Health, Charm,
Courage and Cheerfulness

Were all missed in her being plain. When the King
decreed a Dragon would lay waste to the land until a
courageous Prince would slay the Dragon and thus win
the princess’ hand

She could not abide such childishness, being plain
she enjoyed life so much more than her beautiful
sisters - they had to be careful never to spoil their
lovely complexions

The Ordinary Princess had mouse-coloured hair and
freckles – when she was to be locked up in a tower
she ran away to the forest and started work as a
kitchen-maid in another kingdom

She befriended some kind of page – the King in
Disguise – and they fell in love; she was unmasked
by her old nurse - he by the Lord Chamberlain;
they decided on a royal wedding

Both hating princesses and boring princes who
never learnt to enjoy life, they ran off to the forest;
each other’s identity still a mystery; they
recognised the same noble stuff

In each other before they knew their identities, he
was make-believe angry at her deceit when she was
unmasked; she also make-believe angry at him
when he was recognised –

I’m sorry to admit; I read at work, my eyes went out
of focus, my mind all confused; I could not continue
to do what was expected – some boring routine,
because I was no longer there

Being on the Planet of Fairy Tales – a special place that
I can’t transcend, it makes me too happy and joyous
so I forsake reality and dream in the Kingdom
of Make-believe…

M.M. Kaye “The Ordinary Princess”

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