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Fairy Tales - Poem by salma pinky

i used to believe in fairy tales
ignoring the real world where everything is for sale
i used to believe in fairy tales
where the feelings are so honest and pure
where you are my only cure
but i guess i'm no longer so sure

well, i used to believe in fairy tales
but that was ages from now
and till this moment, i still feel so down
my friends told me that there is nothing to fear
and even if anything happen
then we will be here
to dry all your tears

so i fell in love with a guy
and i was ready to do anything for him
so that he can be satisfy
my crew told me this is so cool
and i don't have to act like a fool
just to spend time with someone
doesn't have to be necesserly the one
so what if he cheated on you
it doesn't have to be everything about you
i told them he broke my heart
they said that doesn't count
we're not living in fantasy
wake up! ! this is reality
things like that happen all the time
the deception is in every personality
i told them it doesn't exist in mine
they said that's why u're never gonna be fine

well i used to believe in fairy tales
and i really feel so shame
but you're not the one to blame
and i promiss that i won't be the same
i can't believe i was such a naive
so that actually i could believe
that fairy tales does exist
and that i won't be able to resist

Comments about Fairy Tales by salma pinky

  • Gold Star - 4,965 Points Unwritten Soul (8/8/2011 12:43:00 PM)

    Who says you we cant believe the fairy tales? ? ? i dont refer to another princess-prince story...Cinderella is fantasy story fella, Snow white was just entertaining unreal write..so many writes talk about high...sounds like a nice melody, unwritten and never unheard one..when i sat you can believe the fairy tales story is when you make your life as a story, reality plot...dont be a weak victim like a tonnes of tales told you, be yourself with strong and powerful girl to fight all barriers (To all girls must need to do this) , if you fall keep raise and dont afraid to chase dream...this is a fairy tale you need to write in your life book, you can cast as your own character based on reality. Whispering rose told you good one, take it..The write here is so good narrative one, like it! _Unwritten Soul (Report) Reply

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  • Rookie - 0 Points Whispering Rose (8/8/2011 12:01:00 PM)

    fascinating piece indeed...you're telling the story in such a beautiful way, and what i like the most is the lesson behind it...we all live in bubbles at a certain period of our lives and we believe that the worlds is as perfect as we like to see it, but the day comes when people around us-friends and family- or the cucamstances we live in strike us with the fact that 'the perfect world' doesn't really exist, fairy tales don't exist, and that people can be cruel, mean and deceptive....an unescapable, terrible fact...but no matter what, the small, tiny feeling that there is something good in the world should continue to exist as long as we live my friend...otherwise we won't be able to continue the long road
    Thank you for writting this (Report) Reply

  • Rookie - 0 Points Aqeb Benazir (8/8/2011 11:27:00 AM)

    Very nice story! ! the first stanza is perfect!
    and 'but you're not the one to blame and i promiss that i won't be the same' is very sublime and deep! ! well penned this is! (Report) Reply

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