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Poems About: FAIRY

In this page, poems on / about “fairy” are listed.

  • 361.
    Promise Me Reality

    Prince Charming and a Princess
    Beauty and the Beast
    Fairy tales not promised
    Broken hearts to say the least read more »

    Chelly Brake
  • 362.
    The Morning

    The early morning
    On the sea
    Though not a resort
    Of raw beauty read more »

    Sadiqullah Khan
  • 363.
    Across the eastern sky

    A star falls across the eastern sky
    Queen of night blooms in shy
    Her beauty amplified by the moon light
    She spreads and stands to rule the night read more »

    Seema Aarella
  • 364.
    Fairytale Cheer

    I see something that is bright
    Like small patches of the light

    or may be it is just a dream read more »

    Seema Chowdhury
  • 365.
    A Former Rose Of Port Fairy

    She was a former Rose of Port Fairy where the white waves of Pacific roll
    But the years have left their mark upon her the years on us all do take toll
    Though for one in her mid to late fifties she certainly does look okay
    With anti ageing cream she hides time wrinkles and with brown dye she covers her gray read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 366.
    The Leprechaun

    The leprechaun came out on a moonlit night,
    All dressed in green and a hat with a feather so bright,
    Which swayed up and down and tickled his nose,
    But this did not stop him for around he rode read more »

    Carole Lawrence
  • 367.
    The Fairy

    Discovered on the tip of my nose this morning
    was a fairy.
    'Hello, I'm a fairy, ' said the fairy.
    'I don't believe in you, ' I said. read more »

    Padraig O'Connor
  • 368.
    Sugarcane Princes

    Hibiscus flower horns alert sugarlands forest
    Fairies tribal melody is announcing in chorus
    Crickets rub their wings sending plea of help
    As cries of a child whose screams are felt. read more »

    Carole Cookie Arnold
  • 369.
    Fairy Feet 02

    Your fingertips are dancing across my skin.
    Like fairy feet starten me to dreamen.
    So warm and soft you have my heart pounding
    and your kisses sweet and captivating. read more »

    Kira Bloom
  • 370.
    Living in a Fairy Tale

    Living in a fairy
    Oh, how I wish my
    life could be like that. read more »

    lisa parks
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