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  • 349.

    As I lay staring at the sky
    Watching clouds float on by
    A fairy flutters ever so near
    And whispers softly into my ear
    Her stories speak of happier times
    Of days forgotten except by rhymes
    When unicorns roamed across this land
    And sunsets never appeared more grand
    Where elfs and fairies danced all night
    To see this all must have been a sight
    As her stories within me deeper seep
    I am taken there as I dream asleep
    I view the unicorns prancing along
    Bewitched it seems by an elfen song
    Lovely fairies flutter here and there
    Floating along on but a breath of air
    Theres seven dwarfs on their merry way
    Off to the mine where they'll spend all day
    And chasing a rabbit I spy a girl named alice
    She must have come from that snow white palace
    There in the distance a girl all in red
    Next to a woodsman and a wolf laying dead
    And see hansel and grettle asking directions
    At that gingerbread house made of confections
    There in the bushes is a whole herd of sheep
    Snickering and hiding from little bo peep
    I awake refreshed as the dream fades away
    Ready to face the perils of my hectic day.
    “closing thought”
    Dreams are thoughts your memory could find
    Searching for pleasures deep in your mind read more »

  • 350.
    Red-crested crane

    Hello brother Red-crested. Ah! Fairy crane
    Why you are so good luck freed no more pain?
    In the passed few years you’re mistakenly killed.
    You’re mistakenly poisoned together with the other birds. read more »

  • 351.
    Little Dreaming Elli.

    She was so joyful and naive,
    For she believed in elves and fairies.
    In that small village, where she lived
    They called her Little Dreaming Elli. read more »

  • 352.
    The Fairy Boy

    A mother came when stars were paling,
    Wailing round a lonely spring,
    Thus she cried, while tears were falling
    Calling on the Fairy King: read more »

  • 353.
    My highlander fairy- -

    On the highland, streams around,
    The castle of highlander fairy,
    Green the woods there and black the flowers,
    The ripples so drumlie! read more »

  • 354.
    Cease The Futile Dream

    Unreal World,
    Oblivion immersed
    Misty shady magically Gothic,
    False beliefs in Lethe sunk, read more »

  • 355.
    Sorry, O Little Fairy!

    O fairy! O fairy! O little fairy!
    I extremely feel grief and sorry;
    You so heartily gave me the invitation;
    I could not attend your celebration. read more »

  • 356.
    Me, Love, Them

    LIKE a street drug, his poison
    took, and took well, like a dull
    knife, it cuts the skin, then
    finds the blood, then soul. read more »

  • 357.
    Snowpowder and Ice

    My happy hand reached up to shake,
    A branch laden with snowpowder.
    Indeed it seemed that God did make
    The snow that on me showered. read more »

  • 358.
    just like a fairy tale

    It was just just like a fairy tale...
    You were my prince that would sweep me away and it would be a happy ending.
    But somewhere in our fairy tale some pages went missing,
    some lies where put in, read more »

  • 359.

    Maiden-poet, come with me
    To the heaped up cairn of Maeve,
    And there we'll dance a fairy dance
    Upon a fairy's grave. read more »

  • 360.
    flightless (age 16)

    *On that glorious night an 'Angel' appeared
    With eyes as green as the exotic mountains
    The 'Angel' sparkled like the beautiful stars that the world got trapped beneathe
    Soaring through the gental hum of the night breeze read more »

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