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Poems About: FAIRY

In this page, poems on / about “fairy” are listed.

  • 229.
    my own fairytale

    my fairytale is beautiful it is the only thing that is my own
    there are trees and wild flowers with little fairies
    there are love bugs and butterflies
    i sit on a log and play my guitar and sing beautiful songs read more »

    breanna wilson
  • 230.
    Once upon a Fairy Tale

    Once upon a fairy tale
    Or maybe just a dream
    I looked upon something special
    Something called: 'Maybe You And Me' read more »

    Theodora (Theo) Onken
  • 231.
    Fairy Dust Invitation

    If you have a special garden,
    Where flowers and herbs abound,
    Then take a pinch of fairy dust,
    And sprinkle it around. read more »

    Carla J Nelson
  • 232.
    Come, Let Us Sleep and Dream

    Let us sleep and dream
    Let us pluck out the stars
    From heaven and plant them
    in the ocean of mermaids. read more »

    Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
  • 233.
    KKKKK.Autumn's Ceremony

    There stood an imaginary
    and invisible houri fairy
    a bride under a maple tree
    Dressed in prism-hued layers read more »

    S.zaynub Kamoonpuri
  • 234.
    “Listen to the Wind”

    Little fairies in the trees
    On duty, tending all the leaves
    Their praise ringing in sensitive ears
    Little wings swaying in the gentle breeze read more »

    persian khushi
  • 235.
    Tonight the night

    Tonight the night
    the fairy on her toes
    dances daintily read more »

    Emmanuel George Cefai
  • 236.

    The best fairy tales was always the detraction
    Cinderella, Princess and the Frog, even Aladdin
    all great fairy tales but left out one thing
    They where dreams and not reality of real beings read more »

    Patrice Delevoe
  • 237.
    At First and Last Look 01

    A kiss....
    Two lips joining
    Your kiss....
    a path to a dream read more »

    Kira Bloom
  • 238.
    free to flutter

    i sometimes wish i was a fairy
    so then i could be left alone
    to fly around
    to be sad read more »

    elizabeth pugh
  • 239.
    ***One Child's Prayer

    I wish my Daddy would live here
    I wish he didn’t have to go away
    I wish if he could only for one day
    Perhaps tell me he loved me at all read more »

    Sylvi Sylva
  • 240.
    Hide Away

    You hide your face in a book,
    You dry your tears on the pages,
    You hide away in your fairy tales,
    And we don’t know how to find you. read more »

    Amity Willows
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