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A Little Boy Is A Sailor - Poem by Pijush Biswas

A little boy,
Never enamoured with the toy
To his mother 'oft exposed a desire
Of sailing on the sea so dire.

'How much you know of the sea', she said
'You know, a pirate may raid?
As you are my only son,
In future you have to be a don'.

'You see, your father is ailing-
Spare the thought of sailing'.
She said, 'Well, perceive the family's beauty.
Then hope must come out to reality'.

'Let me possess, Mama!
A sailor's life, a horripilant drama'.
He said, 'Yet I'll strive
And conquer the sea, though hard to thrive'.

On a summer day, upon the mead
While sitting in order to read,
The little boy found a green turtle
And saved it from the sun's mettle.

Upon the palm, while he had twisted it thrice
The turtle turned to a fairy, so nice;
Said, 'Little boy, as you are wise
And saved me, you deserve a worthy prize'.

Astonishingly! a magical baggy fez
Then appeared on fairy's hand, and blazes:
'O boy, your dream come true! ,
Be ready to be big with changing hue'.

Saying, the fairy when gave it the boy,
Utterly the boy burst out into joy.
'O fairy, what do you want me to be, a sailor?
Oh, so grateful to you! ..it may I wear? '

Fairy said, 'But obey one condition,
Mind it, fruitful will be your mission
If never you hurt or bother your mother
And always respect other'.

'I must keep it in mind, O fairy!
Let me not be dreary-
With your grace may I put it on?
O you, be my friend forever, on and on! '

Saying when had the boy put it on, found-
Himself stand on a ship and water around.
A replete man, as if, he looked like-
Stepping between life and moment, nick.

Then, he was masted in many a voyages
Throughout life, till his old age.
Neither prohibition nor fear from mother-
'Twas sheer sailing nights and days!

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