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Poems About: EVIL

In this page, poems on / about “evil” are listed.

  • 349.
    Free Your Mind

    Free your mind
    from evil things
    if you don't
    there will be evil deeds read more »

    Kait Bebelheimer
  • 350.

    See no evil, Hear no evil,
    Speak no evil, that we learnt
    That is why we did not notice
    When the whole country burnt read more »

    Vishnu Sampoorn
  • 351.
    Fake People

    All the time
    I look in your eyes
    But what I see
    And what you say to me read more »

    Dionne K. Kelly
  • 352.
    Yes, Evil Does Exist

    Evil does exist.
    And is attempting to prevail.
    To hide or run away from it, read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 353.
    Spinning top of evil

    That spinning top of evil
    Was a present once for me
    I spun that evil demon
    And he never came back for me read more »

    Mark Eyre
  • 354.
    Garden of Evil

    Little kernels, hard and rough
    I planted them in the shade of the stone heap
    They were seeds of spite sown to cling
    On walls of old hurts and unforgiven wrongs read more »

    Eddie Roa
  • 355.
    True Happiness Resides From Within

    If harmony in your life is what you truly aspire
    bonding of mind and body you must first acquire
    when they have become joined, unified as one
    know, only now, your journey have you begun read more »

    2bpositive 2bpositive
  • 356.
    It's Either Crime or Evil

    It's either crime or evil...
    Those choices that are picked.
    Done by certain people...
    Living in despair! read more »

    Lawrence S. Pertillar
  • 357.
    MY Dark World

    In my world I see it different then the rest of you.
    I see evil withches casting an evil spell making us work or we will be there for the rest of your lives.
    Evil warlocks messing with young maidens hearts so they can have there plesure of seeing us cry our hearts out so they can have their laughs.
    Monsters crawling around to tear you down from a good life to make it a horrible day for you and me. Making sure your never happy in life there always under your feet to watch your every second so when you get at least one bit of happiness they can come out of hiding and make it a horrible situation. read more »

    Samantha Rogers
  • 358.
    Ecstasy By The Evil

    When the devil inside me rises
    And makes me do all the evil
    One brutal act leads to another
    As the addiction dominates the will read more »

    Sumeet Mukherjee
  • 359.
    The Darkest Hour

    The world is truly a volatile place, much in need of protective grace,
    The Grace of The Sovereign Lord, when His help below is implored.
    Even when He’s not thought of, God moves, based upon His Love,
    A Love which goes unparalleled, in opposing the evil forces of Hell. read more »

    Bob Gotti
  • 360.
    Mankinds hearts

    if there is evil on this earth,
    it lies in the hearts of mankind, read more »

    Anthony Somoza
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