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  • 229.

    As I sit in my corner and think about your lies,
    I have nothing else to do but break down and
    You knew it would end,
    You knew it would die,
    You knew one day we'd have to say goodbye.
    You told me you loved me,
    You told me you cared
    But the rage inside had slowly flared.
    The moments we shared replay in my head
    Along with all the sweet lies you said.
    You thought it was a game
    You thought you'd win
    But in the end you felt nothing within.
    Deep down inside there was a big empty
    That I now realize you couldn't replace.
    Something about you helped me see
    That without love I'm finally free.
    Free from pain,
    Free from lies,
    Free from having tear filled eyes.
    Without your love I finally see
    All the horrid things you've come to be.
    I though u were an incarnate barbie,
    but u tend to be an annabelle! read more »

  • 230.
    The angel of life

    Some people believe there is a one
    The one who points your way to the
    A person they believe makes them read more »

  • 231.

    If I hear people say lipluscious
    I will say; yea that's me
    I will not only say I am lipluscious read more »

  • 232.
    My Silver Plate

    I want to hold it
    I want to kiss it
    My souvenir of love
    I want to press my face on it read more »

  • 233.
    Darkened Heart

    His colors are usually red
    Which stands for brotherhood
    White which stands for purity and honesty
    Blue which stands for love and good luck read more »

  • 234.
    Zain My Love

    Zebras gallop in the distance reminding me of your love
    Always on my mind when I need you
    Inside my heart and body like a gallant giraffe
    Nothing and no one could love me like you. read more »

  • 235.
    To My Dearest Coolie Girl

    Long long ago, long long ago
    when British Raj had just took the command
    of India from the British east India company
    and Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor, read more »

  • 236.
    Have I Done My Best

    Have I Done My Best?

    Upon this time I wonder
    Have I done my best? read more »

  • 237.

    Will not provoke you anymore
    You were my allure
    No one knows blinding blizzard in me on coming
    Going you onto the fire of novelty dew read more »

  • 238.
    Neptune and the Lighthouse Part One

    King Neptune sat upon his saline throne
    And cried out loud to all the sea drenched sway,
    'More sport, more sport' he yelled unto his own,
    'That I might ease the boredom brought this day. read more »

  • 239.
    That's Life

    Green grass, Blue skies
    Sick people, Sad goodbyes
    Dark days, Empty nights
    People dying, Violent fights read more »

  • 240.
    Potassium (The Essential Nutrient)

    I want to peel you
    Like I might a rotting banana
    Exposing your insides
    And, savioring the good read more »

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