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Different Parts Of My Poetry In Pieces - Poem by AaI Harvey

Different Parts
Of My Poetry In Pieces

My soul spits out rhymes in no particular order;
Some of my poems next parts are only thought of,
Years after their predecessors invention.
I just thought that I would mention;
The Monkey, Monkey poem is a perfect example.
Part one was written long before part two ever showed up.

And the two poems are equally, yet separately;
About the same thing.
But are written completely differently,
Years apart; part two just came to me.

Monkey, monkey, is repeated in part one a lot,
But part two tells the story another way, but with the same plot.
It continues from where part one left off
And ends in a statement of intent for the world.

Whilst the Life and Times of Stumper Chubble epic,
Tells the story of my novel, it’s very dramatic!
Ker-pow! Bop! Boof! Bash! Kung Fu Fighting,
Morphundorph is a magical planet
And there is a bear called The Thing.

The Revolution Poems tell of the Fight for Freedom of Speech,
The death of the writer of the Encyclopedia,
I aim to learn as well as to teach.
Viva La Revolution, we need one every ten years,
To wake up the corpses with cheers or jeers.

Babylonia tells a huge story of ‘The Journey of The Animals’
It’s like a cartoon for children and an adventure for wild adults.
It’s magical, it’s full of animals, it is a marvelous read…
That may just be my opinion, but to me that’s what it is.

The Endless Poem has so far had three parts written,
But its future is forever;
It tells of words with which I am smitten.
Any time in my life, I fall in love with a word like Subjugate,
I shall add that word to The Endless Poem,
Another part of another epic…I can’t wait.

Haiku Moments Part 1 is a wish for a future,
For myself to write them some more.
Part 1 is 21 words to make many perfect poems,
But I shall study some more, before any more Haiku Moments.

This Poem in Pieces, is finally finished,
But this is surely not the last Poem in Parts, I have within me.

(C) 2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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