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Poems About: ELEGY

In this page, poems on / about “elegy” are listed.

  • 361.
    Elegy XIV: To Delia

    What Scenes of Bliss my raptur'd Fancy fram'd,
    In some lone Spot with Peace and thee retir'd,
    Tho' Reason then my sanguine Fondness blam'd, read more »

    James Hammond
  • 362.
    The Muses Threnodie: Ninth Muse

    What could there more be done, let any say,
    Nor I did to prevent the doleful day?
    For when I saw Gall's fatal constellation read more »

    Henry Adamson
  • 363.
    Dedication: To The King

    Since, now, Great Sir, Addresses come in shoals,
    And every one Your mighty Loss Condoles:
    Vouchsafe, among the rest, not to refuse read more »

    Charles Darby
  • 364.

    Dedicated to my mum, Juana N. Echanes, and to all mothers of the world.

    Ah mother! Sweet, tender mother,
    Blessed art thou, O salt of the earth, read more »

    Roberto Echanes
  • 365.
    Memory of the last season

    maybe the whole world's just a stage
    ingredients like sufferings and pain are parts of that...
    perhaps the glimpses of fortune and the soft touch of Eros
    just make it look bright. read more »

    Whispers Of Night
  • 366.

    Who he is that can save? Come, deliver
    Where is my safety? Where am I safe in this life?
    Every minute of my life I languish in pain and sickness.
    I tremble for the quakes of the vagaries of life read more »

  • 367.
    The Man Died

    He is my man! He is my man;
    He died-He died a miseries death.
    Hollow it beats my mind
    Of this great injustice, minor offence punishable by death? read more »

  • 368.

    the robins will sing again
    my lovesong long gone wheh you..
    disappeared on te hills read more »

    villiamor calventas
  • 369.
    Way too soon …

    Way too soon YOU needed this lovely rose.
    Way too quick went this script of a prose.
    So many things were left unspoken.
    So much pain and hearts so broken. read more »

    saadat tahir
  • 370.
    Mercy killing, a bird born of ethics

    My heart goes to souls silent in their strife,
    To those in ailing beds, to wounded chins,
    Linked to lifeless wires breathing borrowed life—
    Trying to be God, mute man-made machines! read more »

    Aniruddha Pathak
  • 371.
    Wind of Change

    A season comes,
    Then it goes away.
    Another succeeds
    Continuing the way. read more »

    Mohammad alKurdi
  • 372.
    Shipwrecked Tragedies

    The Capitan's tailored tales dilated a valiance
    Much lethal than a pirate's rapine and encumbrance
    A venomous blade to the wretched's grave
    A mellifluous immolation surfing the waves read more »

    Norman Santos
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