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Poems About: EDUCATION

In this page, poems on / about “education” are listed.

  • 337.
    Starving Nations

    Blessed with abundance of land
    I simply cannot undertstand
    the uniform sufferring
    calling on global humanity read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 338.
    Instead Of Slow And Nervous.

    If nature had been kinder
    And granted unto me
    A stronger sense of confidence
    Or a better memory read more »

    Graham Jones
  • 339.

    and read more »

    Ranjith Wijekoon
  • 340.
    Free Individual

    I curse an education by an institute
    I curse your religions because they are institutes
    Mine is taught by my heart and referenced from a book
    Your institutes are poison and follow traditions even if they are wrong read more »

    Cokbod Lodwogo
  • 341.
    'Vision Of Peace'

    A Vision Of Peace is what we long to see….,
    Seems our hearts keep praying…, for what may never be….,
    Yes, we want to end the misery of war and devastation…,
    But I believe the key to peace is a solid education. read more »

    Trade Martin
  • 342.

    Mom is my country,
    bring me here for love, education.
    She would not want me behind technologies.
    She feeds me lot of real food. read more »

    Natasa Tocuc
  • 343.
    Flood Gate

    In the past such was ignored
    no more can such be done

    I live on American soil read more »

    Uloia Norris Moore
  • 344.
    Remembering St. Lewis

    I will always remember St. Lewis
    For it was the gateway to the west
    It’s an exciting and bustling city
    As the folks from Spanish Cove will attest read more »

    Marilyn Lott
  • 345.
    Life Is

    Life is crisp and filled with beautiful sadness and joy
    And fear is but an interruption of the education that life is
    Life is to live and breathe the air, to taste defeat and perceiver
    to create that masterpiece, then die why leave any energy behind read more »

    Paul Cutting
  • 346.
    The Gift

    Give thanks to your
    Biological mother
    For giving you the gift of life
    Sometimes for different reasons read more »

    Ana Monnar
  • 347.
    The Gulf

    With wife not with me
    Strong willed and beautiful
    Having known me as customer a long time
    Intamacy enough to earn a playful scorn read more »

    Bill Grace
  • 348.
    The Unhealed Earth

    Civilization is the Brainwashing
    Mal-Education is the Brain-bashing
    Religious beliefs keep clashing
    Pure Love they keep thrashing read more »

    Conrad Perry
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