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No More Education - Poem by Elius Rubby

No More Education

No more no more please stop! Stop education
Stop drama making modern civilization.
Stop killing in name of peace.
From up to bottom we are sons of bitch
How we can expect from a gentle wild bitch.
No educated man in the world.

Education makes a man enlighten right
But false teaching can destroy heaven also right
Now we learning false as we become science man
The more we learning the more we becoming rootless.
Hopeless, artless, heartless and shameless,
Lost religious believe, social norms, honour to great man.
Lost parents we have become mad half bitch half human.
I know in hide every one called me a false man
But using dram I express myself a good man.
People know I am a great bad man but keep silent
As by wrong education their honesty totally gone.
So why need to learn, need almost all books to burn.

Wearing new dress try to hide our darkness.
We are rootless how we remove our inner darkness
The Satan trembling with fear and never come to us near.
Savage people killed one in every round year
How much we killing in a day being civilized man.
All great were in the past created original.
Now we are great who can imitate greatly of past.
Thousands of poet writing poems but I am in fear
I hardly found a great teacher but a money monger.
Love for me and polluted nature polluted their heart.
Publishing books after books but no real learner.
Same lies make reader a great liar
We are become a case bird lost our real world.
Animal can fight with animal, nature against nature
The matter is that we become more ferocious than animal.
So stop education right now for making blind shoulders.
Only savage shoulders can save us from fake world.
As the natural man can feel the pure nature of world.

Everybody is dead man having great fault
So what the world going on like empty train
We don't know where the end is of train
Fake! Fake! Shame! Shame! Stop competition
For living doing all kind of wrong all over
Life has lost all purity to become happy
Yet do we get happiness? No peace any happy
Science makes a man easy, busy & finally crazy.
No meaning we just acting as concrete happy life.
From poor to rich all know they are not happy.
Yes, science gives us new life but dead life
Science deserves logical proof but it is not 100% proved.
Science neither can save world nor can us.
It cannot give eternal life but bring a heavy loss

We are living by medicine that is the blessing of science.
We are born by science, lived by science & died by science.
We called it batter life, , batter creation, batter age.
How can we see? How can we justify?
Science makes us blind? By short fake enjoyable life.
Finally science died us before died.
I cry after cry but nobody heard as none alive.
I am going to eternally die before worldly die.
Save me, save me I don't want to die.
I am alone fighting & will fight until eternally die.
I need some pure hearted man not fake learned man.
I need Moha Nobi Mohammad (SM) like man
Who can ride the world in right path.

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