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The Historical Wrong That Our Sages Of Philosophy Committed On Misdefining Wisdom Can Be Highlighted And Corrective Action Taken! - Poem by Sajid Khan

Thanks to the latest advances in the mind sciences we can now create a wise society.

Our ancient sages of philosophy concluded that the ills of society are caused by the lack of wisdom. So they focused on figuring out wisdom. They kept putting wisdom under the microscope and wisdom being a secondary entity they could not figure out wisdom. It is like they tried to figure out smoke in order to make smoke; with no knowledge of the fire, let alone how to create the fire.

What our ancient sages should have asked is, why society has so few wise people and so many ignorant people. They would have got the right answer of how to make the society wise. Wise people are a product of emotionally healthy upbringing and ignorant people are a product of emotionally sick upbringing.

Wisdom is a fragrance of the brain, it is a by-product of the emotional baggage free brain. Wisdom education is emotional intelligence education through healthy parenting from birth onwards and for those older; wisdom education is emotional healing through brain therapy.

If only our current wisdom sages would not try to create the smoke without the fire and wake up to creating the fire in order to create the smoke! By just making the brain free of the emotional baggage we can create emotionally super healthy brains on a massive scale.

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