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End Of The Dream - Poem by David Lewis Paget

I went to sleep and I had a dream,
In the dream was a dream of you,
I didn't know whether to wake or scream,
Or what I was going to do,
For in the dream was a stately home
That I'd seen some time before,
And you were lain in a pool of blood
On a Persian rug, on the floor.

I seem to have met you yesterday,
Perhaps we met in the dream,
I couldn't remember yesterday
But I saw you there, it seems,
You walked toward me, caught my eye
I thought we were going to meet,
You turned and suddenly walked away
Before I had time to speak.

A shadow had come between us two
In the dream about the dream,
A man in a raincoat, scowling too
As he stood there, in between,
‘Leave her alone, she's not for you,
You'd better be going home.'
I said, ‘Get out of my dream, you fool,
This dream is mine alone! '

I followed you into the stately home
As you drifted across the floor,
You seemed to float on a cloud of foam
And left through the further door,
It opened out to a sunlit beach
Where the man in the raincoat stood,
You said, ‘I wish you had come before
When the way of the world was good.'

The man in the raincoat pulled a gun
And chased us back through the door,
He fired a shot and you fell right there
On the Persian rug on the floor,
I helped you up and we walked away
As the man began to scream,
I said, ‘You're not going to harm her now,
You're just a dream in a dream! '

I woke today to an empty bed
And I saw you lying there,
The gun on the pillow, by my head
And the police were everywhere,
You lay so still on the Persian rug
That I felt a sudden chill,
I said, ‘the man in the raincoat came,
I thought that it wasn't real! '

I seem to be caught in a nightmare
They have locked me into a cell,
I'm trying to shake myself awake
From a dream that was made in hell,
This nightmare's just a dream in a dream
And I know that when I wake,
We'll walk together along that beach
And we'll watch the breakers break.

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