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Poems About: DREAM

In this page, poems on / about “dream” are listed.

  • 229.

    I have had dreams recenty
    they are all about you
    Do you know why?
    Nor do i. read more »

    Julius Meierhofer
  • 230.
    Real dreams

    I dream the dreams that the dreamers only dream they can dream read more »

    brian musonda
  • 231.
    “Analyzing Dreams”

    What are dreams but things we want
    And think that they will do themselves;
    If dreams do not come true it seems
    Those dreams were hindered by ourselves. read more »

    Carlos Ornelas
  • 232.

    I have never had a dream come true
    The dreams I once had I soon had outgrew
    I can't seem to see my dreams anymore
    Or maybe they're not as vivid as before read more »

    Matthew Densley
  • 233.
    My One Last Dream

    One last dream of rejecting your protective arms...
    One last dream of harm...
    One last dream of never changing...
    One last dream of never being held... read more »

    Crystal Fuller
  • 234.
    I Wanna be the Dream

    I wanna be the dream
    Yeah to be the real dream
    I wanna be the dream
    And to vanish like a dream read more »

    Rowving Smith
  • 235.
    Dream On (free Verse)

    Dream on with your life,
    Keep dreaming because you’ll,
    Never get this back,
    Dream on till you can’t dream no more, read more »

    Rochele Harkleroad
  • 236.
    I am a Dreamer

    I am a dreamer
    like everyone else
    but I am not like other dreamers
    I dream the possible read more »

    Ben Bergeth
  • 237.

    I dream,
    of a you and me.
    I dream, read more »

    Violet Creek
  • 238.
    I Am A Dreamer!

    I dream of life
    each and every day how it could be better
    If things were this or that way read more »

    Rhonda Pilcher
  • 239.
    My Secret Garden

    I dream of a secret garden
    Filled with roses
    And a bench that seats two read more »

    John McClay
  • 240.
    Into The Ocean Of Dreams

    I started dreaming by seeing the sky
    Let it say no to, until then I will not
    Because I was jumped into the ocean of dreams
    I will cross the ocean someday by attaining my dream read more »

    krishna kumar
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