In this page, poems on / about “discrimination” are listed.

  • 361.
    In My Eyes Remix

    Look into my eyes
    Try to see what I see
    View the world through my eyes read more »

  • 362.

    The weekends are for rest and rejuvenation
    Saturdays for my composure and reflection
    And Sundays for fellowship and restoration
    Mondays, back to the regular grind of work read more »

  • 363.
    What Love Is

    Love is accepting the person
    for who they are,
    not who you wish they were. read more »

  • 364.
    The completion at last (poem)

    We were once only the embryo, implanted with faith
    Cultivated from ideas, some old - and some new

    Nourished with a desire - to seek our fate read more »

  • 365.

    Ugliness in pink flakes
    elopes with a terrorist.
    Sun bleaches the black scorn
    muscles ache with cramps. read more »

  • 366.
    Who are we?

    Aren't we related to this country?
    Are we expatriated from the hell?
    Does the Almighty on this earth curse us?
    Why all such humiliations on us? read more »

  • 367.
    Cry for PEACE

    What a world we live in. Crazy as it sounds to begin. So much to learn, so much to see, what life is to be. Hungry souls, crawl the streets, some are rich as its meant to be.

    God made us all equal yet we have discrimination. Sex, Love, Hate and Voilence are the reasons. Money is walk and talk of life, too much of it and you will despice, where to keep where to hide, money is the reason people fight. read more »

  • 368.
    Pressure Cooker-My Envy

    Many more items
    Stuffed inside
    Cooked well
    Matter of time! read more »

  • 369.
    Selective Discrimination

    It's not noticed until focused upon.
    And only then it is said nothing is perfect.
    Those on tour buses view landscaped vistas.
    Boxed lunches are issued. read more »

  • 370.
    Ch 01 Manner of Kings Story 39

    Harun-ur-Rashid said when the country of Egypt was surrendered to him: "In contrast to the rebel who had in his arrogance of being sovereign of Egypt pretended to be God, I shall bestow this country upon the meanest of my slaves." He had a stupid negro, Khosaib by name, whom he made governor of Egypt but his intellect and discrimination were so limited that when the tribe of Egyptian agriculturists complained and stated that they had sown cotton along the banks of the Nile and that an untimely rain had destroyed it he replied: "You ought to have sown wool." A pious man heard this, and said:

    "If livelihood were increased by knowledge
    None would be more needy than the ignorant. read more »

  • 371.
    A Brief Moment Out of Time

    A year ends under a monstrous wave.
    Eleven countries bury their dead, and
    Cry for the hopelessness of what is.
    Water recedes, spitting out what once was read more »

New Discrimination Poems

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  16. Power abuse, hasmukh amathalal
  17. War Within The Heart, jade Slatyer
  18. You said you exist, gajanan mishra
  19. Truth is a matter, gajanan mishra
  20. Discrimination, gajanan mishra
  21. Unity (Haiku), Diwakar Pokhriyal
  22. The Astronaut, Matt Ancient
  24. query, noel maddock
  25. Be there no discrimination., Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  26. Music Of Soul, V P Mahur
  27. In a means, gajanan mishra
  28. Discrimination, Alexandra Motschmann
  29. Will Canada America Reverse My Situation?, QueenPatrenia Turner, Royalt ..
  30. Discrimination, Mark Heathcote
  31. Racism is still alive, Sincair Farrell
  32. Ba: CVII: Light and taste, douglas scotney
  33. I feel, gajanan mishra
  34. It Appeals All, hasmukh amathalal
  35. Pure intellect, gajanan mishra
  36. Unattached And Pure, gajanan mishra
  37. Gun Is Useless, ramesh rai
  38. Laws Of Forest, ramesh rai
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  40. Laughing With You [REVISED], Margaret Alice Second
  41. Lighted Way, V P Mahur
  42. Pink Swastika, Is It Poetry
  43. How Bizarre, Margaret Alice Second
  44. Today is valentine day, gajanan mishra
  45. Love Day, V P Mahur
  46. May My Country Be Blessed, V P Mahur
  47. Diversity in nature, ramesh rai
  48. Spread The Fragrance Of New Awakening, Brajendra Nath Mishra
  49. I Have Dreamed, Marcquiese Burrell
  50. Understand Real Friend, gajanan mishra
  51. >>>Blooming Love, Abdul Wahab
  52. Success Of The Mission, gajanan mishra
  53. Capturing the thief, gajanan mishra
  54. Rainy season, gajanan mishra
  55. Airs Of Music, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  56. Our Class, Mohit Chahal
  57. Everyone Wants To, gajanan mishra
  58. Legacy of Mandela (A Tribute), Aftab Alam
  59. Forming Etudes, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  60. I Can Not Say You Are Smarter, gajanan mishra
  61. >>A Tribute To Nelson Mandela, Abdul Wahab
  62. Discrimination, AaI Harvey
  63. Trapped African, Moses Samandar
  64. On The Other Side., Noel Sevilla
  65. Hope, lost lindsey
  66. Heart and Affection, H.M.Usman Dar
  67. Remember Upstairs, Ima Ryma
  68. Racial Discrimination, Thomas Inch
  69. Colour Blindness, Simon Samuda
  70. Three persons who drown in the sea of gr.., Dr.V.K. Kanniappan
  71. Perhaps, nkosana Mpofu
  72. Let....., jahanvi .................... ..
  73. Why Should Meek Clique Monopolize Attent.., Jonathan ROBIN
  74. Happy Independence Day!, Geetha Jayakumar
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