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Why Discrimination - Poem by Sourabh Mishra

The bright sun in the sky,
White-mountains standing so high
Flowing rivers and fruit laden trees
They all never teach us to prejudice

Because a human looks different,
Has unlike physical traits and scent
The man becomes inferior,
Because he has different skin-color

His non-identical traditions and belief
are enough to raise a feeling of disbelief,
Hate to sit with him in a restaurant or in a bus
We keep on making a fuss

Our colors may be different but souls same,
Color defines quality- is not a true claim
Try to find a passageway to the heart of people
You'll know how much we are feeble

Look at the sun that gives its light and heat away
Gives us comfort and joy throughout the day
Be it rich, poor, black or white
On nature, everyone has equal right

God gives equal opportunity to everyone,
Nature knows no discrimination
Then why do we bind our minds
And poison our heart and tongues

No nation can be reckoned as the country of free
If there is discrimination prevalent, we see
If we don't have so much ethics
We all should be ready to become relics

Come my friends, let's stand together
Let's hug and kiss each-other
Let there be no difference
Between men, there should be no fence

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