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Poems About: DESTINY

In this page, poems on / about “destiny” are listed.

  • 109.
    * What we are... *

    Two souls separated by a distance
    Two hearts engaged with their own lives
    Two spirits misplaced in each own horizon
    Two people shackled by their own destiny read more »

    Kay Barcelon
  • 110.

    Do you believe in Destiny?
    I do. I believe I was destined to be with you.
    I was an empty soul living on the coast
    Confused on where my life was going. read more »

    Tess Tessier
  • 111.
    Destiny the Driving Force

    Destiny is controlled by the mighty gods.
    It swirls like a massive whirl pool.
    No mortal being can escape it's hold.
    Destiny controls our every action. read more »

    Vega Destiny Star
  • 112.
    Sweet Destiny -new-

    You swept me away with your caring embrace
    Our love is sacred as a meaningful diary
    I am deeply inflated by your irresistible grace
    These feelings are fate's one and only read more »

    Beauteous Victory
  • 113.
    The Best is Good Enough

    I quarrel not with destiny,
    But make the best of everything-
    The best is good enough for me. read more »

    James Whitcomb Riley
  • 114.
    just run


    I walk to my destiny
    I walk to my life read more »

    Lillie Ellis
  • 115.
    Sonnet: On Destiny

    No man need fear his Destiny's bad course,
    When challenges, he meets resolutely;
    Defying it and hitting hard with force;
    with prudent action, that is done timely. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 116.
    A Biography Of One Man's Destiny

    Destiny hopefully knocks on our door at the right time
    because I know I missed the train and forgotten my ticket
    when it has tried to give me a chance
    I have become ecstatic and full of light read more »

    Cokbod Lodwogo
  • 117.
    The Destiny Of Life

    Inspiration leads to the destiny of life,
    Through respiration the aspiration is filled.
    Preparation along with inspiration
    Aspires the destination of life. read more »

    Rajesh Kumar Vaishnaw
  • 118.

    I was born into a whole wide world
    With feeble limbs and simple mind
    At entrance, I could feel the heat
    Suggesting another world different from where I was read more »

    Joshua Akinwande
  • 119.
    Lies of Destiny

    Destiny finds us all
    in a place of peace and faith.
    It separates us from the world.
    Changes the way things are. read more »

    Chris Cariad
  • 120.

    Destiny hug me
    And absorb my multiple sorrows
    Before my ardent foe chokes me. read more »

    seyi dekol
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