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Poems About: DESPAIR

In this page, poems on / about “despair” are listed.

  • 361.

    Sinking in a sea of pain and despair-
    I hold out my hand,
    But there is no one to reach for it and pull me free;
    I find myself sinking down deep into the cold, dark depths. read more »

    Lesa MRK
  • 362.
    Through Her Eyes

    Look through her eyes tell me what do you see?

    Do you see the mountain tops glisten
    with the delights of her dreams read more »

    ian burns
  • 363.
    Bare White Walls

    These walls sit in front of me
    Bare white walls
    One wall intrigues the mind
    Chipping white paint read more »

    Courtney Redmond
  • 364.
    Sonnet: In Despair Too, Hope Prevails

    When things beyond my control do occur,
    And fortune favors just the evil minds:
    When my own people with me don’t concur,
    My remnant patience to a halt well grinds. read more »

    Dr John Celes
  • 365.
    In Love

    He was gone
    She was having feelings of hopelessness and despair
    Her life was as empty and bare as deciduous trees are
    of leaves in winter she reckoned. read more »

    Glenda Gambill
  • 366.
    But Reach For His Hand

    Across the heavens where the only sound, is that of a hymn in glory bound.
    For He cares and hears our every prayer, beyond despair He is always there.
    No matter how feeble our reach, He will extend a hand for each to grasp even in spite of His wrath. read more »

    Ruth Goldfarb
  • 367.
    Nothing happens here...

    Nothing happens here.
    Everything occurs elsewhere.
    Our thoughts constantly interact with angels and demons.
    What comes to light is the result of our soul’s consent and choice. read more »

    JeanPierre Barakat
  • 368.
    In Defensione Sui

    When a poet writes the words
    floating in a sea of hopelessness and despair
    he does not mean
    that he goes around read more »

    David Mitchell
  • 369.
    Laughing at Death

    Death has no power over us now.
    You were dead once,
    And I was dying.
    I could not breathe without you by my side. read more »

    K.M. Jones
  • 370.
    Grey Dog of Despair

    Death? I don't know what it is.
    But this I know - that death
    Is twice as deep with despair.
    I am frightened of the Grey Dog whose eyes read more »

    Tan Pratonix
  • 371.
    How Easily Humans Settle In Their Own Despair

    How easily humans settle in their own despair,
    It's far less work not having to care
    For anyone but ourselves.
    Like forgotten books on high dusty shelves, read more »

    Not Long Left
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