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Poems About: DESPAIR

In this page, poems on / about “despair” are listed.

  • 349.
    takes your breath away

    all the cards have been dealt
    and your heart is now a black hole
    you wait and wait for that one moment
    the one they say takes your breath away read more »

    Jessi Sosa
  • 350.

    This black hole of rotten dreams
    Like an open, seeping wound inside
    A cesspit of self-destruction
    Deeper and deeper, there is no end read more »

    Fiona Burgess
  • 351.
    Torn but Reborn...

    Why do you still yourself
    in the tread marks of the past
    bringing back bittersweetness
    in memories you beg not to last read more »

    Trevor Schulte
  • 352.
    To the Muse

    Ours is a love-hate relationship
    Pivoting about dawn & dusk, hope & despair, life & death

    That we have got along with each other tolerably well read more »

    Shimanta Bhattacharyya
  • 353.

    Poets have no tools, never
    No tangible tools that is to say
    Some people even call them fools
    Poets have a different worldview read more »

    Rani Turton
  • 354.
    Hidden Desire (Please Don't Break this)

    I was sinking ever deeper
    Couldn't see the light of day
    Thought my life was small and worthless
    Couldn't chase despair away read more »

    Elizabeth Sheaffer
  • 355.
    Bare White Walls

    These walls sit in front of me
    Bare white walls
    One wall intrigues the mind
    Chipping white paint read more »

    Courtney Redmond
  • 356.

    Sinking in a sea of pain and despair-
    I hold out my hand,
    But there is no one to reach for it and pull me free;
    I find myself sinking down deep into the cold, dark depths. read more »

    Lesa MRK
  • 357.
    Through Her Eyes

    Look through her eyes tell me what do you see?

    Do you see the mountain tops glisten
    with the delights of her dreams read more »

    ian burns
  • 358.
    somthing's missing

    everyday and every night i wake up wondering why?

    why are we here
    why are we there read more »

    Scarred Unknown
  • 359.
    You know Ganesha!

    Ganesha you are bountiful
    generous, so kind, read more »

    Chhavi Anupam
  • 360.
    In The Garden VIII: Later Autumn

    THIS is the year's despair: some wind last night
    Utter'd too soon the irrevocable word,
    And the leaves heard it, and the low clouds heard;
    So a wan morning dawn'd of sterile light; read more »

    Edward Dowden
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