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In this page, poems on / about “depression” are listed.

  • 37.
    Depression is

    Depression is
    An emptiness filled with nothing
    A blinding darkness you can’t ignore
    A crippling sadness that won’t desist read more »

    sam nancollis
  • 38.
    The Melancholy Blues

    Depression controls every single one of us
    For some people, depression barely exists
    But for the rest of us, we are doomed to live depressed read more »

    Casey Lyon
  • 39.

    depression is not what you want in your life
    depression is not the answer to your problems
    depression effects your mind and your thoughts
    depression is anger and lashing out at people read more »

    brandi reissig
  • 40.

    Depression is a deep, dark, midnight blue.

    Depression sounds like your soft sobs, gently muffled by your soft pillow pressed against your fresh, moist face. read more »

    Ally Gedeke
  • 41.
    Depression is Refractory

    Depression is reading bad poetry
    Written by merely dysthmic people
    Depression is people which does result in
    Hell (thanks Jean-Paul) read more »

    Polby Saves
  • 42.


    Depression depression,
    Gets to us all, read more »

    Claire Page
  • 43.

    read more »

    tara depaulis
  • 44.

    Depression is …
    Feeling alone
    Depression is …
    Knowing this will never change read more »

    Broken Hearts
  • 45.
    oh depression how i love thee

    oh depression how i love thee,
    how i feed u all my sarrows,
    oh depression ur just so inviting with ur call for no tomarrows.
    oh depression ur black vail of thorns are my favorite clothes read more »

    Lara wolf
  • 46.
    Free Poems and Depression

    I had no idea how I was led to
    the table of this wonderful site
    while hungrily ransacking the web
    for some juicy morsels of free poems — read more »

    Dr Ronnie Bai
  • 47.
    I Remember The Used

    I remember the used,
    The ones abused,
    Beaten to depression,
    Tears of pain, read more »

    Eric Adams
  • 48.
    Depression (a mix of poems and mine)

    Depression is a fight
    Depression is a flight
    Depression is a thief
    That should be locked up read more »

    wicked wacked
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