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Addictions And Suicide - Poem by Jessica Licklider

smoking, pills and pain
these are all i have used to comfort me
i don't need them for that reason
or for any reason i just need help
i have done stupid things that may cause health issues
i didn't and don't know how to deal with my pain
so i have made choices that have hurt me, my family and friends
i have changed like no other
i use to be happy and make everyone laugh no matter if they were having a crappy day or not
all i do is cry and listen to music
and i don't talk or smile at all hardly anymore
and i don't know what happened to me
all i think about now is suicide and how everyone would love it if i was dead
that i don't need to be alive anymore
i have attempted suicide i don't know how many times
and one time i alomost accomplished
and at times i wish i would have finished the job
then i wouldn't have to go through all the sh.t i go through now
with feeling that no onw cares about me and with all of the lies people put me through as well
i just want to end my life
but then i think about my future and my friends and my family
What would they do if i did kill myself? and then i can't leave my future and all of the ones i love behind i can't hurt them like that

Writers Note: some time peoples depression get to them and they don't stop to think about things that might happen if they were to end their lives but they don't care and just BOOM they end it. Suicide is not the way and neither are addictions im not being a hypocrite because its the truth because i have been through this i hope that u as the reader and if u have depression or know someone with depression i hope that this will help u or that u will show this to them and hopefully that it will help u with what u need help with because even though at times we don't feel like it there are people out there that do care and love us we just have to love and care about our selves as well

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