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A Philosophical Note On Life After Death - Poem by Marieta Maglas

Death is a plunge into oblivion self.
We don't disappear,
We evolve to be extinct into death.
Death only annihilates old sensations
To replace them with something else.
Life is a nonexistent death,
And death is a nonexistent life.
'When I am, death is not,
And when death is, I am not, '
'I'm a new one', I would tell Epicurus.
Gonzalez-Cruzzi declined the religious afterlife.
It's not the after life, but its the death.
And maybe the death is another kind of life.
In fact, it is eternal life.
We become ephemeral, material, while being inside of the matter.
Expressions like 'I live my life,
Life dies, let me live, let me die, I leave my death'
Are true.
We cross over into the light,
Or into the darkness,
Because the nothingness can rectify the existence.
We're nothing in order to be something.
Coming into life can be a re-awakening of self.
The real death is 'eternal night', as Swinburne defined it.
It's a veil of negative existence.
Nothingness can be anything positively existent,
But blackness and emptiness
Are spiritual black holes swallowing up
Any loss of consciousness
For the divisible selves of the essential core identity.
'When I die I won't go to heaven or hell,
There will just be nothingness'.
Isaac Asimov liked this theory of zero.
'That stuff which does not exist'
It's, in fact, the existence of absolutely nothing.
'This life is the only existence there is;
Afterward there is nothing.'
Robert Nozick wrote.
Zero is existent in self, but we don't know it
By being inside of it.
Anthony Burgess wrote that if there is only darkness after death,
Then that darkness is the ultimate reality,
And that love of life is no preparation for it.
Light is keeping the life,
Darkness is keeping the death.
Light never dies.
It may be reborn from darkness
And vice versus.
But this rage may sound like madness.
And Burgess was raging
Against any arrival of nothingness.
We are the witnesses of our own extinction,
Of our pseudo-selves.
Death is a divided self experience
And a connection between matter's pieces of consciousness.
The 'nothingness' of unconsciousness
May be a permanent death,
Which cannot be experienced,
After losing the ultimate reality.
The permanent death is coincident with
The end of the entire universe.
God is alone between two Bing Bang periods.
We are aspired in composing and decomposing.
When someone dies people around continue to exist.
Death and birth are 'functionally equivalent'
To transformation.
The Christian view of life after death has justice
Being meted out to sinners
And the righteous receiving the reward that they deserve.
Eternal life means justice, purity and love.
Without God, we are nothing.

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