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Poems About: DEATH

In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.

  • 349.
    Death is all of this?

    Death should be a gesture
    of what kills and fulfills
    a craving that raves - singing
    hymns - where silence— read more »

    Mark Heathcote
  • 350.
    Death defeated

    The ‘valor' was rich as the bygone years,
    That slept with him in his silent graves
    The sulking verses below the reposing Earth
    Unvoiced death in soundless rave read more »

    ritwika raha
  • 351.
    Death is whispering.

    "Come here. I'll make it quick"
    Death is whispering.
    The knife mocks me
    The precision in the slice read more »

    Ariana Singfield
  • 352.
    Till Death

    Till death do us part my love
    till death pull us away
    till death ruins our lives
    till death. We Stay! read more »

    Mozafar Ali
  • 353.
    What is Death

    What is Death?

    What is death?
    I ask of thee read more »

    Sepehr Reybod
  • 354.
    The Eve of My Death

    The eve of my death, a baby was born, and this kept me alive.
    The eve of my death, a baby took her first stumbling steps, and this kept me
    The eve of my death, a school bus filled with laughing children drove away, read more »

    Stephen Howard
  • 355.
    Breath of Death

    Death is not death-
    It is life without breath.
    Life on earth is life that is blind-
    Blinded by stress and the curse of time… read more »

    Brad Lomeli
  • 356.
    Death Rider

    As I ride I hear Death talk
    As I ride I hear Death walk
    Into the darkness of the shade, he sends yet another
    Death is perched at my side like a brother. read more »

    Abdul Malik Habibalah Wajid Hunter
  • 357.

    When I encountered death,
    'Ego' Evapourated!
    Finally Death delivered final verdict!
    All pain for power became in vain read more »

    Mula Veereswara Rao
  • 358.
    When Death

    (Yet another early work - one month shy of 17)

    When death is coming up your walk,
    And you're unaware of his escence, read more »

    Michael Troy Buffo
  • 359.

    I am the slave of death
    I bring forth pain and sorrow
    I never sleep and never weep
    I am the slave of death. read more »

    Isabella Epona
  • 360.
    Comes Death (A song)

    'Out the window lies the future,
    where we can see, but never reach her.' - P.N.

    All the world is hopeless, read more »

    Poet Dragon
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