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In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.

  • 325.
    Life's Turn

    How can death be near
    Does it whisper still
    All I hear is the lark singing read more »

  • 326.

    Death is when your loved ones
    Must depart far away
    Death is a sharp pain to the heart
    It an unfair thing read more »

  • 327.
    Death part 1

    Death can strike when we least expect it
    Death is a significant event that will change our lives
    Death will cause sorrow, depression, grief, and loneliness
    Death is like the ending cycle of one's life and a beginning for another read more »

  • 328.
    Death Part 2

    Death can take a life of someone that we cherish
    Death can take a life of someone that we loved
    Death can take a life of someone we know and trust
    Death can take a life of someone we have feelings for read more »

  • 329.
    Silent Death

    Silent death holds my breath
    Stalks me from above the trees
    There is no breeze
    When death walks in my shoes read more »

  • 330.
    Death is night

    Death is the door to heaven.
    Death unlocks the fetters of life.
    It unbars the jail of life.
    Yet no one wants to face the death. read more »

  • 331.
    Why Fear Death?

    Why should man be afraid of death?
    When death cannot be avoided.
    Man cannot stop death.
    Therefore, man shouldnot fear death. read more »

  • 332.

    Breathing in your life rules my
    the reproduction of your life is my
    death read more »

  • 333.
    My Death

    My death never comes to me
    I do not see my death, you see
    My death is not any event in my life
    As I do not live to experience it read more »

  • 334.
    Death As Itself

    Blowing in the breeze I saw Death
    Upon wing like any other bird
    But Death was not sing son
    Death sang with a dreadful crow! read more »

  • 335.

    Death is anger, agony and despair
    Death is white like a ghost; nothing to kill or die for
    Death is bitter and hauntes you in your sleep
    Death is something knowone can excape read more »

  • 336.

    Confronting death, they meditate
    in charnel grounds and other scary sites,
    Tibetan yogis facing fate
    of death, which they allow to claim its rights
    and undermine their great elation,
    rendered harmless as they now invite
    to join them in their meditation
    death, which they deprive of sting and bite. read more »

New Death Poems

  1. Life Or Death Writers, Terence G. Craddock
  2. A friend's death., Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  3. Death and Love, Pranab K. Chakraborty
  4. Love and Death, Pranab K. Chakraborty
  5. Lasting Death, Samuel Eyitayo
  6. Death, Noble Moyo
  7. Death please came and take me, tsholofelo phakathi
  8. Should We Taste Death..., John Ugolo Umah
  9. History Of Death!, John Ugolo Umah
  10. A Conversation With An Enemy, howard simon
  11. The visitor, Gangadharan nair Pulingat..
  12. Thought For The Day., Stuart Miers
  13. Death is so terribly final, Lila Holmes
  14. Die not, gajanan mishra
  15. Death O Death, Samuel Eyitayo
  16. Death - The Gift Of Life, Manauwer Raza
  17. Sweet Death, Jason Jinsung Lee
  19. Death, Molly O'Shaunessy
  20. Predation Prey Hunter Hunger Games, Terence G. Craddock
  21. Strategy Mimic Death Ambush, Terence G. Craddock
  22. Apparent Death Deceives Predator, Terence G. Craddock
  23. Smirk when it ends, Leylek D. Sovura
  24. Death Is Not Changing Anything, gajanan mishra
  25. Death, Sashanie Vazquez
  26. Death, md. faruk
  27. Death Is No End, Dr. Madan Gandhi
  28. The Food of Death, Samuel Eyitayo
  29. Death, Raven Pilipczuk
  30. Who is fond of death, gajanan mishra
  31. The Death Clock, Azalea Bluewell
  32. One Click To Death, JOBY JOHN
  33. Death, Aniruddha Pathak
  34. Death is sure and imminent, gajanan mishra
  35. Death is born, gajanan mishra
  36. Hide and Seek, Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  37. Death When Challenged Life, Aniruddha Pathak
  38. The Legend of Snake Hollow (a halloween .., Udiah (witness to Yah)
  39. Life Goes On, Tirupathi Chandrupatla
  40. Celebrating Death, Pradip Chattopadhyay
  41. Before Death, Taca Dawkins
  42. ' Death Alone, Efe Benjamin
  43. Prepare For Death, Joseph T. Renaldi
  44. DEATH is peaceful, Miranda Judd
  45. Death! death!, gajanan mishra
  46. Death is White Saree, gajanan mishra
  47. Do Not Dare Be Afraid Of Death, Anele Komana
  48. Death, Christian Guild
  49. Death has its own life, gajanan mishra
  50. Death-The constant Companion, Somanathan Iyer
  51. Fear life and not death, gajanan mishra
  52. I fear not death, gajanan mishra
  53. Secret of Death, Saga Raijasdotter
  54. Death, Matt Bickimer
  55. Freedom's Memorial, Udiah (witness to Yah)
  56. What Death Failed, Duncan Livingstone
  57. Death Is Welcome, gajanan mishra
  58. No Birth No Death, gajanan mishra
  59. No Longer Afraid Of Death, Quentin Hardison
  60. Reminding You, gajanan mishra
  61. Death, Tinashe Mupedzapasi
  62. Young Deaths, Tim caffery
  63. Everybody is dying, gajanan mishra
  64. Death ****, GRANT FRASER
  65. Inside Joke With Death, Tanner Herndon
  66. Nothing Is Eternal, Tanner Herndon
  67. Living a life, gajanan mishra
  68. Life Is Death, Adedeji Ologbenla
  69. Scared To Death (Kz Tandingan), Alex Reyes
  70. Aspects Of Death, RoseAnn V. Shawiak
  71. mother death, Suguna Prasad Kalvala
  72. Angel of Death, Udiah (witness to Yah)
  73. LIfeless, priya heavenly
  74. My Death, Rohit Sapra
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