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Poems About: DEATH

In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.

  • 325.

    All day
    I think over Death
    So what I want to do in this class
    is be honest. read more »

    Kyungdae Min
  • 326.
    Death part 1

    Death can strike when we least expect it
    Death is a significant event that will change our lives
    Death will cause sorrow, depression, grief, and loneliness
    Death is like the ending cycle of one's life and a beginning for another read more »

    Jeffrey Liminsang
  • 327.
    Life a short span betwixt two deaths

    A king once dreamt a pre-dawn weird dream—
    A notice from Yama, the Lord of Death:
    Along morrow’s setting sun you shall die;
    Dawn’s half dreams come true, thought he waking up. read more »

    Aniruddha Pathak
  • 328.
    Death's Fears & Secrets (Blank Verse)

    I have learnt some things about death recentl
    this is what I have discovered

    Death is a race, it is more then one being
    It kills people everywhere everyday as it can't be everywhere read more »

    Ethan Wilson
  • 329.
    The Gardener LXXXI: Why Do You Whisper So Faintly

    Why do you whisper so faintly in
    my ears, O Death, my Death?
    When the flowers droop in the
    evening and cattle come back to their read more »

    Rabindranath Tagore
  • 330.
    Death, death and Death

    So little pangs I have
    of what i may cease to stop.
    All beings, to it, dive and dash,
    only the phoenix will rise from its ash. read more »

    Ryun Phuntsho
  • 331.
    A Vicious Cycle

    Taking life and feeding death
    a broken path, a fork in the road.
    Screaming, beating, defeating,
    not making any sense but still vital to life and death. read more »

    Laura Cummings
  • 332.

    Brittle birds fluttering madly,
    In the warm seasons of
    Pneumatic women in
    Great golden Greek orgies, read more »

    Ethan Moyer
  • 333.
    As I Went

    As I went, as I went
    Over the mountains,
    I heard, I heard,
    Through cloud-wreath and mist, read more »

    Adelaide Crapsey
  • 334.
    Death Waits For No One

    Death waits for no one
    But death where is your sting?
    Even though we completely understand the reasons why,
    death continues to silence us all, as we sigh. read more »

    Esther Ayala
  • 335.
    Am I obsessed with death?

    Stroking a head of a snake
    Feeling a tiger’s breath
    Am I obsessed with death?
    Am I obsessed with death? read more »

    Slava Olchevski
  • 336.
    Dirge For Mandela

    The soul departs, the body is dreary
    As she comforts him from life's weary
    A blind has no fortune of his
    Except a help to grant his bliss read more »

    olumide emmanuel
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