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Poems About: DEATH

In this page, poems on / about “death” are listed.

  • 217.

    You must defeat death
    Death knocks at your door,
    Start living you life read more »

    Rajan Manandhar
  • 218.

    read more »

    Madhavi Grace
  • 219.
    Maran-Milan (Death-Wedding)

    Why do you speak so softly, Death, Death,
    Creep upon me, watch me so stealthily?
    This is not how a lover should behave. read more »

    Rabindranath Tagore
  • 220.

    All over this mammoth Earth,
    There is nothing like death;
    All over this mammoth Earth,
    Nothing escapes death read more »

    Praveen Kumar in Shobha Priya
  • 221.
    A battle between soul and death

    My body has become a battle field,
    Battle, a fierce battle, I cried in pain,
    As death comes and fights to pull the soul,
    Nothing happens as death has no gain. read more »

    Mazid S Kazi , INDIA
  • 222.
    a rose to remember....

    i am reading about the death of a rose
    i am reflecting about
    death of freedom
    it is all about a rose, a wilting rose, a brown rose, read more »

  • 223.
    Celebrating Death

    Shaving the heads the barber he belongs to the same faith
    For him it’s some money he celebrates each death
    Celebrates each death the barber he earns from obvious fate
    Shaving the dead’s loved ones will earn him at any rate! read more »

    Pradip Chattopadhyay
  • 224.
    By the end of this...

    By the end of this poem you will love death
    because death is a figure of speech
    as heaven and hell
    to all that believe read more »

    Lady Viola Of The Grave
  • 225.

    Death is

    Not a danger... read more »

    otteri selvakumar
  • 226.

    Myth may it be, or be it man’s blind faith,
    A rehearsal perfecting dance of death,
    For not but death is every passing breath. read more »

    Aniruddha Pathak
  • 227.
    The Home of Death

    'Death, whaur do ye bide, auld Death?'
    'I bide in ilka breath,'
    Quo' Death;
    'No i' the pyramids, read more »

    George MacDonald
  • 228.
    My Death

    read more »

    ken hietaLa
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