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When Death Speaks - Poem by Micah Krahn

I am the blackened curse of all knowledge, the sinner of saints, the destroyer of worlds, the blackened heart of your gullible conscience. i am you, we are one, you are your life and i will become the death of you.

I was born for dying!

As i speak the words of your belief, your precious words which penetrate your fragile mind, twisting it into the haunting entity which consumes your shattered soul, the last life to escape your bone chimed body as it evaporates from flesh to dust.

You had no memories of the life you lived because you never lived your death full of life.

The moment you die is the moment everything changes. No white lights, no tunnels, no heaven and no angels.

Man in black comes around. Blacks the light. Blacks the sound. Fear the thought of it never ever coming back.

The thing about living is when you realize you were never born to begin with. Your wretched decrepit soul was mine to control from the very genesis of your putrid existence and brought fourth into a sweet symphonic deathly silence, one felt as deathly as alive.

Death is alive, death is alive, death is alive in me.

I am a ghost, a mirage and a thief; you'll never see me coming.I am a guest, a friend and the ultimate survivor.

When Death Speaks... its like a ghostly silent whisper riveting shivers up your spine, as you drown in my summoned fear. i am in you, every second of your essence i lay in wait before i devour your lively abundant soul and tear your shredded living essence unto my gnashing teeth.

You cannot escape the course you life is set upon.Listen, when I tell you to listen.

Death speaks to us all, in all languages. Those who choose to listen cannot outrun their impeding doom.

So let it be written, So let it be done. To kill the first born Pharaoh son, I'm creeping death.

Yesterday seems as though it never existed. Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye. Goodbye

Time is the biggest curse, Life is the longest prison sentence and death is the sweetest symphony.

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