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My Duchess Plea - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

Death that ruffles silence mine
How long shall hide from view?
Had company yours as baby in womb
When ignored gave and other took

Oh death, Come' rest, dine beneath mine roof
Seen you come slowly and quickly goes
With friends and foes you vanish with
But visit to take me oh death too

See dress mended thee in years
Shall suit prince status yours well
Knives and potions pocket fill
Show oh death and have a meal

Door of the fortress wide ajar
Come in majestically in no sudden
Nor use windows of sickness or sleep
But Forth and have hug mine directly

Death' be not shy or sad of deeds
For heroic wonder truly are
Approved, sponsored by mine maker
So on sweet death' shall rebuke thee not

A wisp of your deeds crawl mind
You who plunge not to lure of beauty
Nor dost let riches entice self
Oh incorruptible death' accepts none bribe

But why starve poor me thy presence?
Why deny young daughter mothers' warmth?
Alone she's been a year' Good death
Stroll in breeze and there carry' abode left her

Samantha' sweet little girl mine steal
Can hear you whisper through knife
And whispers your from cliff hear
But blind death' glimpse my confinement

Has thou forgot deeds mete
How often be one don't linger memory
In caravan descend taking world mine
Along daughter and spouse, took legs too

Come in death and take this duchess
Made widow, barren and without legs
Pain you take oh kind death
Take mine too' I plead

Again I wake, oh death without your cure
Four years I plead thy presence
You ravishing beast has made my sorrow thy feat
Through attention that give not

What considered curse yours' consider blessing
Do leave them' unprepared to toil path willing
Or weak death finds joy in taking unwilling?
Dear death, dare to courage seek and come by

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