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You Are My Favorite - Poem by Jacque Hardison

There is a family of eight.
A mother and father, five sons and one daughter.
One day among the children arose a debate,
“Daddy who among us is greater”?

Daddy went to the first son and said to him;
“My son you are my favorite”!
The first son left with joy while others felt grim.
The light of the other sons and daughter lost it brightness.

Then the second son went up to Daddy and said;
“Daddy who among us is greater”?
Daddy said to his second son and said to him;
“My son you are my favorite”!

The second son left with joy while others felt sad.
The third son went up to Daddy and said;
“Daddy who among us is greater”?
Daddy said to him; “My son you are my favorite”!

The other two sons had disabilities and were weeping.
Daddy went to up the two sons and said to them;
“Do not be sad my sons, for both of you are my favorites”!
The two sons left rejoicing, while the daughter felt as if she was alone.

Daddy went up to his one and only daughter and said;
“My daughter why do you shed tears”?
Then she said to Daddy; “Daddy who among us is your favorite”?
Daddy said to her; “My daughter you are my favorite”!

The daughter left with a smile on her face!
The mother came to father and said to him;
“My dearest husband there must be only one favorite among your children”.
Then the father looked at his wife with joy in his eyes.

He said to her “My lovely wife, can you tell, I love them all individually”!
“All of my beautiful children are my favorite”!
“There is no distinction between male or female,
Nor to those who have gifts or disabilities, for we all one family”!

Mother said to the father;
“Each of our children are equally loved”.
Then the father went to all of his children and said to them;
“Come my beautiful children, for we shall all have a wonderful dinner together”!

None of the children were excluded from the father’s love.
The father loved all of his children equally.
He has compassion on each of them.
Because of that, all of them made one happy family.

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