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Wind's Are Dark Roaring At The Sea - Poem by Lilly Emery

Wind's are Dark Roaring at the Sea
The wind is taking pieces of me in dreams
wind's are dark roaring at the sea
the destruction of every day and every morning's waking
with autumn leafs falling to the sea
Darkness blossoms back among leaves
the cold wind blows when night falls and the bare branches bend
alone in a dark world I come to lead the other shore
into eternal dark, the moon looks so doom
Into fire his eyes hold ice in dark dreams
I can feel it the pale sea that cries
There's a blackbird flying across the sky late at night
Blood on his wings and fear in his eyes
There's a mad dog barking on the bay with a sad look on its face
The ship keeps on sailing through out the night
He's taking names and keeping score of every place he has been
His old stone cold heart will never be soften
The Dark Angels Love that brings on rain the same old thing
Therese a fire burning on the sea crying for me in deep dark dreams
In my broken heart he cast his spell on me
Over a bridge I see his eyes looking back at me with no surprise
This pain is ripping me apart over and over again with no end
There’s a dark horse racing in the night
Hunting for the light knowing he ain't coming back again
Your words are unspoken but the pain of it last a life time.

Lilly Emery (c)

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