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Poems About: DARK

In this page, poems on / about “dark” are listed.

  • 361.
    She Likes The Dark

    She likes the dark
    It keeps her sane
    She likes the dark
    It makes the maddness go away read more »

    Ashley Meier
  • 362.
    The Guardians Of The Sky

    To what is this orb that toward earth shines,
    Illuminating the many dark corners of the night,
    Piercing through the dark and lonely wilderness,
    To show the innocent the way home. read more »

    Thomas Vaudin
  • 363.
    Dark Eyes


    ALL I SEE IS HIS DARK EYES. read more »

    Rik Bertrand
  • 364.
    Layin Here In The Dark

    Layin here in the dark
    Wrapped in a lovers embrace
    Even in the dark of night
    I know Heaven put you in this place read more »

    norman hale
  • 365.
    Shade Me In Darker

    read more »

    Heather Browning
  • 366.
    Small Things Bother Me

    He wore dark glasses I could not see his eyes
    And the mirror to his soul he did disguise
    He hid from the World his personality
    Without the eyes a face you only see. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 367.
    Shadow in the Dark

    I’m a shadow in the dark
    The quintessential sound of death
    I’m a shadow in the dark
    Like the reaper’s icy breath read more »

    Justin Robert Cooper
  • 368.
    In Thou dark stormy Night

    All alone in the night
    All alone with my own fright
    A lightning strikes, runs across the dead black sky
    I am alone read more »

    Summer Song
  • 369.
    In the Dark I Sit

    In the dark I sit
    A picture on the wall
    Eyes staring observing me
    Talks to me tells me I’m valueless read more »

    eboni paul
  • 370.
    in the dark

    in the dark i stood for a long time
    with no one to hold and no one to care

    in the dark i learned to keep everything inside read more »

    damaris perez
  • 371.
    Down In The Dark

    down in the dark where i live
    i can feel the earth squirm squishingly around me
    down in the dark where i live
    there is slime on the stone floor and it's cold between my toes read more »

    Bonnie Cote
  • 372.
    Next Dark Night

    The night is silent,
    I'm in the middle,
    what a deafening sound
    the darkness is comforting read more »

    yellowbell alamanda
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