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Poems About: DARK

In this page, poems on / about “dark” are listed.

  • 229.

    that shake our hurts
    llike a wind
    it bring life
    makes thoes who cry read more »

    Susana Nickerson
  • 230.
    Loud Is The Cry Of War

    Loud is the cry of war
    Many people shall it smite

    Opening up death's dark door read more »

    Cat Winder
  • 231.
    The Light In All Of Us

    Each living being is different,
    With shades of dark and light,
    But even in the darkest soul, we find
    A flicker glowing bright. read more »

    Debleena Chatterjee
  • 232.
    Cold and Dark Eternity

    Walkin down the wrong road
    noticing how cold
    Its getting darker
    How long will it last? read more »

    Krystel Martinez
  • 233.
    Darkness Sets Upon Her

    Dark as ebony, dark as night
    Dark as the raven in mid flight
    Dark as the grave doth her heart grow
    Cold and silent as the dead of night read more »

    Jennifer Batch
  • 234.
    Falling in the black

    Dark engulfing me
    seems their is no way to be free
    I'm falling in the back abyss
    my demons are dragging me down read more »

    Edder Ramirez
  • 235.
    Taste Wormwood Ending Ocean Impact

    dark lady our deep space comet
    hurling love light doom
    passage love through vast
    empty solitaire chill space is over read more »

    Terence George Craddock (Spectral Images and Images Of Light)
  • 236.
    The dark in light

    in the dark,
    i am safe.
    in the dark,
    i kill. read more »

    Stream Nightingale
  • 237.
    Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

    Are you afraid of the dark?
    Of the deafening silence
    Of an opposite world?
    Are you afraid of the dark? read more »

    Autumn Winds
  • 238.
    Debris Of Dreams

    Wishful thinking - in your wildest dreams - lurks
    in the subconscious and leads to Freudian slips -
    such as remembering the work month differently,
    dreaming hard work into being, believing oneself read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 239.
    Smiles In the Dark

    Smile in the dark
    Where no one can see
    Smile in the dark
    It's just me read more »

    Autumn Winds
  • 240.
    The Darkest Sun

    This morning i spare, In my couch and with my pen my window was wide and my sight was clear! The wide blue sky like a clear stage it played a drama i believe with the actors of all sun, clouds, birds and the wide sky but the view was darkened why, i stood up glaring the sight where the sun turned black, dark and ash i had the greatest oppurtunity where no one ever guessed or knew, the sky has turned darkest blue with the read more »

    Anuvintha Rajeev
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