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Rejection - Poem by Amit Sharma

There never was a man more ready
There never was a woman more fair
And as he gazed at her eyes, still twinkling
His words cut the dance hall air
His lips moved as practiced
His tongue too, rolled with skill
But his voice was still feeble
He did not have the will
To ask her, just then, in the off chance,
Would you like to dance?
Would you care to dance?

And hearing him not
She strode out of his sight
Hair glistening brightly
Dress and body so tight
She turned one last time
He swore there was a glance
Would you like to dance?
Would you care to dance?

His mind raced like horses
Say these words or be shamed
If you screw this up now
Only one can be blamed
Walking yet running yet dancing ahead
He moved briskly, quickly, still all in his head
And gathering whatever he could in that trance
Would you like to dance?
Would you care to dance?

'No' came the answer
And then she departed
With pieces of all the thoughts he had started
He turned
He stooped
He walked away
He looked around
Should he go or stay?
Humility was never his friend
And you might be disheartened
But this tale does not end
For as he was poised
Any second to leave
He stopped, feeling halted
A tug on his sleeve
There stood a girl whom he had never seen
Though she seemed to see what he did not believe
And in that moment of seedling romance
Would you like to dance?
Would you care to dance?

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