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Why She Picked Him - Poem by Jan Freundschuh

When she was 16 she met him.
His gaze in her eyes felt sweet,
And there was a masculine determination she sensed.
She picked him because he dared to approach her.

If the Karmic Dance whirled him away.....
She'd have to wait.

At 19 she met someone;
He had laughing eyes and joking words.
She picked him because
He seemed one step ahead of every one.

Let's say....the Karmic Dance whirled him away.

At 23 she met a sensible young man
Who concentrated on his career.
She picked him because he brought order to her life.

But if the Karmic Dance should whirl him away......
By death or leave-taking.....

At 28 she met a confident man
Who'd traveled alot but thought now to settle down.
She picked him because he knew much of the world.

If that old Karmic Dance started up again....

At 34 she met a divorced dad, with a child and a dog.
She picked him because she saw tenderness in action,
Married him....had a son....

Yet the Dance was not done.

At 39 she met a bear of a man
Who embraced her and wanted to help.
She picked him for his warmth, like a fire in the hearth,

When the music started up she only sighed.

At 44 she met a nice man.
He made her laugh, and laughter was good.
She picked him for his amusing comments.
She felt light-heartedness might be the charm.

But if Karma disagreed.....

At 57 she met a man
Who played Bridge as well as did she.
She picked him for their mutual pastime and talent...

When the Dance whirled away her partner....

She met a man in her mid sixties,
He liked to walk in the sunshine
So she moved with him to St. Augustine.
She picked him because he liked the outdoors.

But the Dance......once more......

At 70 she met a gentleman,
Who'd read many of the books she'd loved.
She picked him because he was interested
In what she was reading that day.

What's the point of this life-story?

That we don't know what we need?
...........That it all depends on the time of life?
.....That unseen glue holds us close?
That Karma is the reason for the season?

You tell me.
I don't know.

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  • Silver Star - 3,535 Points Michael Morgan (3/27/2012 8:07:00 AM)

    Extremely readable. Great characterization. Love the mantra. (Report) Reply

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