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  • 25.
    Soldiers of love (Ft Terence George Craddock)

    The Altered version of 'Vote for Universal love' ft Terence George Craddock

    Your warm
    Melt the ice
    The barrier between us

    Your warm
    A simple smile
    A hello with no price
    Warm around our times
    For love abounds around
    Shield us no harms...
    Melt the ice by your warm

    Even surround cold as ice
    The love flames like a sun
    Burn all boundaries
    Immerse confidence
    No sorry no worry
    Welcoming birth of glory
    It's our world new story
    with you hand in hand
    From north or west
    Either South or east
    Love will melt any boundary
    For you and you and you and me

    There's no single time
    You will disappearing from mind
    There's no race slave bound
    our culture just one, L.o.v.e
    There's no border crowned
    Money cant buy our Love
    There's no status to down
    Significantly we all deserve, Love

    Enjoy the life time
    The moment we have now
    Hold our hands surround
    Listening thousands of hearts pound
    Memory tight embracing this moment
    Place it higher than Himalaya mount
    We shared our glory, creating love
    Live it freely, affection just like doves
    Jump and fly over ice cold fears to the sky
    Melt boundaries, way to get freedom

    A choice for love
    Skin colors blend
    To carry one culture
    United in a new sea
    Where all continents
    Using identical language of love
    Together we warming the ice
    Ideals birth for a new love sea

    United in a new sea of love
    Celebrate no boundary regions
    Feast for enjoyable love seasons
    Differences enhance diverse beauty
    Crystal clear culture chimes
    Crystal clear chime vision

    A moment of truth
    A moment of love
    A moment of harmony

    This is our single government of real civilization
    New golden age for new youth
    Where each hand holds hands
    Faith buries dark ages vain
    Free to love and to be loved
    The world need love revolution
    My words are not tongue sensation
    Toward perfection link the junction
    For hearts sharing love, life license

    United by a key of love
    To blend all skin colors
    All cultures to preserve

    A moment of truth for life hope
    Loved people love for people life
    A time to sleep in angelic smiles

    We are soldiers of love
    In a mission of world life
    Without weapon in arms
    Except one carry in chest
    That's is our love charm
    Let make it our love the best
    Fight all hates in this battle

    God smiles
    The universe shines
    In radiance

    Remember we are the ultimate soldiers of love

    This is Love poem of souls for you, you and you and you too...
    Poem about how if we love each other, no exception coz it made for us
    The concept was about humanity, be united, race blind and we all one
    Be one and we will gain a huge LOVE, full of serenity and we are soldier of love..if we melt all boundaries, countries to be one, cultures preserved as variety and we speak nothing but love language i guess this is what we dream about...

    The altered version, not change the original of Terence's work...
    Copyright © Unwritten Soul and Terence George Craddock read more »

  • 26.
    Brooklyn 'Extended'

    Beautiful culture

    Parks, brownstones, cheesecake, and BAM read more »

  • 27.
    Multicultural Day

    People of many Nations of black and white and brown
    They celebrate their cultures in the big park in the town
    Migrants and children of migrants from places near and far away
    Their cultures are celebrating on Multicultural Day read more »

  • 28.
    London Bridge

    I was afraid of London Bridge,
    When I was in nursery,
    As I read- - -London bridge is falling down…….
    Now, I know London is a bridge, read more »

  • 29.
    Who am I?

    Searching through this life
    Day in
    Day out
    All these different cultures read more »

  • 30.

    What is?
    The power of knowledge
    Wisdom, information, data read more »

  • 31.
    IN neighborhood

    Long wait can end
    In turning hatred
    With fine plantation of peace
    So the life can be spent at an ease read more »

  • 32.
    Words are Everything


    and Inspiration read more »

  • 33.
    Page Three

    In our current
    Celebrity obsessed culture
    Many people establish
    A symbiotic relationship read more »

  • 34.
    An Art Is Rare

    The humble people are known for their humbleness
    The happy man is known by shine on his face
    The simple man is known by the dress he wears
    The crooked man is always disliked with fears read more »

  • 35.
    Going Tasaday

    The Tasadays
    (remants of a Stone Age culture)

    recently discovered in the Philippines read more »

  • 36.
    Rhythm Of Africa!

    Dance, dance!
    With the muse of Africa;
    Tap, tap!
    With the rhythm of Africa; read more »

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